Mastering the Mental Game

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Successful Forex Trading CDs help you to get into the optimal mindset for successful Forex trading. Successful Forex Trading hypnosis CD guides you through subjectively experiencing yourself as successful Forex trader and honing your intuition.


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Description Reviews 0 Description Neuro Hypnosis 2. Some general kinds of application software include: Reviews There are no reviews yet. CyberTrade Pro Simulator v3. When you have the goal firmly in mind, I would like you to picture yourself transported into the future, savoring the fruit of your achievement and enjoying the knowledge that the goal for which you have worked for so long and so diligently is finally yours.

Let yourself begin to live the experience now. Through trading you have achieve what you have set out to do and the rewards for your efforts are yours to enjoy. So I would like you now to imagine really living the fulfillment of your goal and allowing yourself to feel all the fun, all the joy, all the excitement, all the satisfaction which comes from knowing that your ambitions have at last been realized.

Allow yourself now to really feel the full excitement of that achievement and a job really well done. Notice any smells associated with it, any sounds. Notice how your body feels. Notice the clothing you are wearing and it finally pays off. In other words, make it real for all of your senses now, sight, sound, smell, touch, everything.

And now intensify everything. Make it even more real. Make the sounds louder, the sights more clear and bright, the smells more intense, the feeling in your heart more clear, the feeling of your clothing and the temperature in the air more clear. Make everything more clear and more vivid now. And as you relax and allow yourself to let go completely and really feel this even completely, savoring your victory and everything that goes with it, the feelings of fulfillment, the feelings of having made it will become clearer and clearer and more powerful with every passing moment now.

And in a short time I will finish talking and let you drift off to sleep, but until that time allow yourself to continue to enjoy feeling the fulfillment of having reached the goal which you worked so diligently to obtain. And as the feelings of achievement and satisfaction grows stronger and stronger within you, each passing moment finds them stronger than they were the moment before and now really get in touch with who you are, a powerful person, an amazing, intuitive, dedicated, determined, intelligent, smart person.

Your trading powers are matched by none. You are the leader of the pack. It is time for you to realize this fact. It is time for you to make the transition from student to master. I want you now to imagine an ocean in front of you. I want you to imagine that you are in a very sturdy, sea-worthy ship. The sides of the ship are very high. They can block even the highest wave in the deepest part of the ocean.

This is the ship of your determination and your integrity and your skill. That powerful combination seals every board on this ship making it water tight. That powerful combination keeps the sail firm so that it can use the wind appropriately. That powerful combination allows you to navigate swiftly, skillfully, and easily through even the choppiest waters. See yourself sailing now through the waters, high as the waves may be. You are safe because you focus on the other side, you focus on your destination.

As a skilled trader, you trust your intuition and that is exactly what you are looking at now in the distance, the physical representation of your intuition. You know what to do, you follow it. Strangely enough, profitable trading is NOT critically dependent how good your trading information is, be that technical charting methods or macroeconomic fundamentals, or a combination of both.

All of these assuredly have their role to play in your overall trading success, and that is indisputable. So what is that factor, you may ask? At first glance, this may seem very strange. Surely, you will argue, when I trade a fixed rules trading system, what possible role could my psychological profile play?

Sadly, it would seem not. Indeed, more than virtually any other skill or profession, in Trading your psychology is so critical that it actually overrides pretty well all else. In Sport, you could argue that physical fitness and talent are key.

In business, you might claim that creating excellent systems approaches and processes, combined with maintenance of top quality relationships and employee management are paramount.

However, in online trading it is just YOU, your computer, and the markets. Hence, whatever you choose to do or not do is ultimately down to your private psychology. Hence, even if you have a proven forex trading system that you purchased for big money, for example, it is still your psychology which determines if you stay with that system when times get tough, or whether you abandon it for some other method.

If a sequence of losing trades leave you feeling worthless and sad, and you decide to overtrade so as to make back your losses, thus creating an even worse result than before, it is your trading psychology that was the culprit and that caused you to make those decisions.

It is your beliefs about Money that decide whether you will or will not draw a serious quantity of it into your life. Most human beings have an upper threshold on how much they believe they can earn.

This threshold works in exactly the same way as a thermostat. This same phenomenon is present in trading the markets too. If you have a psychological upper limit on what your net worth can be, you will thus make it impossible to make more than that figure from your trading.

It will be like an invisible barrier that you cannot break. Every time you hit this barrier, you start to lose in the markets without fail until you are once again returned to your mental comfort level. Once there, you will then discover that your trading miraculously improves once more… until you collide against that barrier yet again. This kind of cyclical behavior is extremely common not only with market traders, but with commission salespeople too.

Psychology also affects your trading SIZE, or rather your trading size affects your psychology and hence your trading. If you are a fundamentally negative person with poor self-esteem, the natural result is that you will always tend to take market price action personally, especially when you lose. This is actually a very common feeling that a LOT of traders share.

However, if you are a person with a positive outlook who follows a disciplined trading approach, your attitude to losses will be completely different. You will see them as an essential part of trading, much as breathing out is an essential part of breathing, and you will not be the least bothered by them. It all ultimately comes down to your psychology. Whatever approach you have to life in general is the approach you will invariably bring to your trading.

The most important aspects of this are a your attitude to money, b whether your approach to life is basically optimistic or pessimistic, and c whether you possess high self-esteem and self-confidence.

All of these psychological approaches were largely implanted into you at an extremely early age by your parents and environment. You literally absorbed them without discrimination, at an age when you were simply too young to distinguish between what was true and false.

Moreover, without a substantial amount of inner work, this psychological inheritance is extremely hard to change for the better. A number of methods are available. You may wish to study up on self-hypnosis. General self-help personal development material is definitely valuable in assisting you to unlock the psychological damage of the past. It is beyond the scope of this discussion to give you a total solution on how to improve your psychology, and your trading psychology in particular.

The first step to change and overcome something like this is to know that it needs changing in the first place!

Now that you do know, it is up to you to seek out exactly what you need most in order to make the transformations that will turbo-charge your trading. With the enormous potential profits available in the financial markets and the Forex markets in particular, the forex course has become an information product in great demand, at least judging by the number of them being produced these days!

Not every forex course even pretends to do this. You need to take the attitude that you are in this for the long-term, so be determined to master your craft. While it might be good evidence, it is not proof as such. Proof means numbers — a scientific objective backtest.

You want to see a track record of real trades in the markets. Here is where many people get caught out with forex courses. Such backtests can be done at the push of a button. Invariably, these do not include commissions and slippage, both of which are crucial in a meaningful backtest of a trading strategy. If you like a lot of action, then intraday forex trading might be your style and hence a system that only trades once a month will do nothing but frustrate you.

A good forex course will give you a thorough grounding in forex indicators and technical analysis. Forget the products that are heavily oriented towards economic fundamentals. You cannot trade economics. There is a lot of hype out there and so you need to be aware of this and be skeptical at all times. Check out the credentials of the person selling the forex course. Is this a person of deep experience, who has been trading for years, or better still, is even a market professional?

Or is it an ex-bartender who took to forex trading six months ago and now has a product to sell you out on how to do it? In summary, beware of the hype when you approach the subject of forex education.

Here is a sample of the Master Power Trading script used in this mp3:

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