Trend Magic EA

Or no need dll import. Robot work on all time frame but H1 is best and many client use it on M15 M30 and they get good result but we recommend H1 time frame for account safety. Minimum USd and if bonus is tradeable then you use Bonus otherwise not get Bonus. We also accept Bitcoin payments. What does the news feature in the robot do? I just received test access to the FX Robot Magic.

Trend Magic Indicator for MT4 is created from combining CCI and ATR values and to help you determine Trend. Forex markets are either raging or Trending. In trending market you usually want to place orders with the trend.

What are Your Best Indicators?

Most weeks we get emails saying: Up to now we have not had an EA that we can offer to clients with a high degree of confidence. The problem is that in general High Returns go with High Risk and many of or high return systems do unfortunately carry a very high degree of risk.

Finding this EA was not easy — in fact it was during a period where we were about to through in the towel and call it quits that suddenly we remembered an EA that we had marketed a few years ago. It met all the above requirements but was a dull profit making EA. It had become unpopular because other higher risk exciting alternatives becoming sexier and more exciting — or so we thought. So we got it out of the cupboard and dusted all the cobwebs off and loaded into our MT4 test platform. We almost fell on our backs when we saw the amazing results.

Over a year of testing here are one of the result we found — and this is not even the best result. Please view the open preview lectures on the Udemy course below for more details about these results. So why did our clients who bought the EA a few years ago not go crazy about trading this EA? We looked and saw that we had been selling a high number of this system automatically every month without ever hearing from the purchasers again.

We also accept Bitcoin. You can use bitcoin to make your purchase. Please click on the Bitcoin link to do this: The EA can be used as often as you want on as many broker trading accounts you want as long as you do not use it on more than 2 computers. Owners get free access to the UDemy channel trading course. Problem It can take a long time to enter trendline trades even if you use pending orders or are using market orders.

What can the Trendline Magic EA do? You don't need to watch the screen for ages to catch trendline breaks and bounces It takes the emotion out of these stressful trades It makes your trendline trades more accurate You can pre-program and automate the entire transaction using stops, targets, following stops, break-even stops. Something not possible with pending orders.

You can trade in your sleep , while you are working and doing other things. I will show him my account as referent. If your robot make my capital become zero within 30days or 60days, do you return the money that i paid to you? Hi, Very Impressive results, so what time frame does the robot work on and how does it handle news and volatility?

Does it use Martingale,Averaging, hedging etc? In our new update version Robot not work when big news coming news filter available in this so new version is very safe. I would like to get the trial, or the demo version ,please! I am really interested in thi EA…Thanks. Sir for Trial visit http: After 8 month checking Magic Robot i buy Magic Robot and start work on real account how much i make watch this screen shot. Magic Robot change my life.

This EA is amazing. I am beyond shocked. This is the holy grail. It increase lots size as the trade goes against it and opens more positions, then closes the highest trade with profit, therebey eliminating the negative ones.

Hi, i read all comments and im happy with the responds. Will you always be checking on the robort? Hello, you say new version has no Fast 1,2 or 3, so what setting does it have? Also, what happens when news coming, does it stop trading, what happens if trades are already open when news comes? Hi, our new version no have faast 1,2,3 and this stop trading before Red news and when Robot Stop working how your open Trades?

Hi Use Western Union for payment we send detail in your email please check it for other payment way. Hi I m prakash fxmagicrobot service is very good and very honest and i received profit without fail for past 3 months in my daily plan thank you. I loged into the fbs real account performance and i saw that the robot is on a 4hour time frame is it different in the Vps what time frame do you use for the robot is it 4hours. Hello, what does news filter do, does it close any open trades before news, or is it just a warning system news is coming?

For payment visit our this webpage and we not accept paypal. I am very interested in online Forex trading for the first time and after research i found this Magic EA and purchase. Thank you for sharing Naveed. Really Good Robot and Really Magic. Hi Magic Team, Just received payment for 9 trading days. Thank You for cooperation. Hello, I am invested Many time Before different types of fx investment company. But all are gone within Few months. I want to know your business plan, how many months or years Your business will continue with Customer investment plan..?

What does the news feature in the robot do? Does stop the robot from taking trades or just a warning to the trader news is imminent,.

Hello, How does the EA manage stop Loss? How does Fx Magic Robot handle negative swap that can build up quick with larger and larger positions? Hi my broker is pepperstone Australian broker, My account type is 1: This is like a dream for me, thanks. Sir use this link for demo. With the ffcal indicator do i need to switch off during major news? So before news it will automatically stop and after news start again?

Metatrader virtual hosting can? The robot need import dll? Or no need dll import. I will try demo tomoro reply me fast thanks you. Sir you use any VPS no issue. I got demo from you. I think it should open more than 1 lot if I have enough balance. Do you have any version which is opening order with big lot I mean continue opening order after 0. I looked a few accounts but those accounts open months ago. I would like look long time performance. Can you give me account detail which is open 1 year ago?

How you make loss if you are greedy man then must you make a loss our all some client,s account available on daily result page check this how much long these account work. Can you please tell me the settings of fx magix robot ea. I want to set manually about totalequityrisk what is this, by default it is Hi……… Why Fx magic robot is trade sell position only?

I would like to test it with a 10k account. Would you prefer to start with 0. But in case if MT4 crashes, do I need to close all positions? On my demo the expert gives the constantly following error: Remove EA on chart and then set again EA on chart you will check it if this not open trade then contact on our support fxmagicrobot.

Hi i want buy FX magic robot , since two days ago already i filled your form for Skrill I received mail from payment department said will contact me soon, but still no reply , please advise. For trial you visit and fill form http: Sir After provide Demo request we not show any account on our website because all clients need demo so we provide demo for 15 days.

Interested in FxMagic robot. However I would like to see performance info. All I see is year old stats. So you have anything more recent. Email us on support fxmagicrobot. Will u help set up vps i have never used one before? Very fast and excellent support.

This is only the beginning and am already impressed! We need more people like you in the Forex industry. I am very pleased with FxMagic EA. I make money every day. Also check out the investment plans as they are a nice add on to the EA.

Would u like to tell us more detail pls? I use finpro trading for broker. I am very conservative and only trade. I have a myfxbook account at http: Account was started Aug 10 I am very happy with this EA. Please check it http: I ask bout this guy Ken but you send me profile of GrndcommProfile?

You can see I once had a I feel my balance could work with a. I just noticed that if under your account management, you have the following terms, may i know if i purchased FX magic robot and run by myself, is it also need to meet the following requirement?

Account Open under Our IB. IB mean introduce broker our partner link with broker. Thank you for your information. I tested this EA over a week and keep taking profit. But i have the following question. May i know the time of news filter is referring broker time or vps time? How can i confirm the news filter is working correctly? Price for secure code. I wanted to ask if you can give me a banner to put on my website so you have to be visibilite and maybe even give me some sales commission.

Please send email on support fxmagicrobot. Hi, Here is 15 Days Demo link fill form and get 15 Days demo. And also I have a question, if FX magic only a trade and the trend run against it, how many total trades will open or it will open the trades as long as the margin is still enough? Sir New filter no issue if your broker time or your time id different this work on this site https: Our Robot base on scientific dynamic strategy and this work with long trend and trades depend on market movement if movement is fast then this work fast and if market movement is slow then this slow work.

Hello, I want to buy this expert but I still have questions to ask: Good evening, I miss a response, I wanted to know if the license lasts a year or unlimited time thanks Giulio maver. Good day, It looks great and I would like to try before I buy it. Can you send me a trial? Hi, Please Fill form and get Demo version for 15 days http: Hi, Robot, I would like to buy your robot. I like the magic robot but have question about news.

The Magic Moving Average Forex Course and EA

Trend Magic Trading System is base in the indicator: Trend Magic, Ant-Breakout and BBMACD. Trend Magic System - Forex Strategies - Forex Resources - Forex Trading-free forex trading signals and FX Forecast. The Magic Moving Average EA supplied by Expert4x is a Forex trading technique where the losses per Forex transaction are low, the gains on positive trades are high and only one trade is open on your Broker account at time making the . Jun 17,  · i m sorry my post still pending admin approval but u guys can google "trend magic" keyword.. there is a whole thread in forexfactory about this indicator..i m sorry I still cant post the link.. thanks for the link..I couldnt post the ex4 file too.