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When managing the trades individually, the question comes as to where to place the stops and take profits. Alex is very good speaker. FX Hedge Capital develops and trades automated systems in the Forex currency markets. Well I contacted ALEX directly now he truthfully had a grudge on me too for posting "negative" comment and was the one who had given me a warning. See Figure 1 for how this plays out in a typical situation. The EA can be used for as many currencies as you wish. Now before the good stuff let me tell you about how I got the the good stuff

With the hedged grid, the downside risk is always limited provided all trade pairs are kept in place. However, if non-opposing trade pairs are closed independently of one another, this can cause the system to become unhedged and can cause run-away losses.

FX Hedge Capital Overview

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Grid Trading

Dec 24,  · Introduction to Grid Trading. The Grid trading is a type of trading strategy that profits from the sideways as well as trending market conditions. In the simplest of terms, Grid trading involves hedging, or placing simultaneous buy and sell orders at 4/5(6). The Opportunities of Trading the Forex Hedged Grid System I have seen the hedged grid system been used successfully (and highly unsuccessfully) over the last few years. Unfortunately the failures tend to discourage traders . Aug 30,  · I am risking saying that this system is quite a lot like the "Grid Trend Multiplier" of Expert4X. They sell an EA on the strategy, but I am trading it manually on a micro account. Interesting, but you must be very careful with your money management, more than with conventional systems.