Zynga to employees: Drop those stock shares

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Option Chain for Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) Calls "Calls" is an option that gives the holder the right to buy the underlying asset. Last "Last Sale" is the most recent trade.

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Nick Tornow Chief Technology Officer. Please report posts containing spoilers unless they are hidden using the following method or are inside a thread clearly labeled as containing spoilers. The following topics are posted weekly. Click here to find a list of past threads! What have you been playing? Zynga stock plunges gamasutra. It is now trading on the stock market. As addressed in this article, it seems many sold their stocks in related-to-fb-but-not-fb and used those funds to buy fb stock.

Also, the fb stock is apparently not doing as amazingly as some thought, which may cause people to be concerned that Zynga and other fb-centric properties will go with it. Facebook is not Google. I see people investing their lump sum into Facebook becoming broke very quickly. Everyone around me was all "OMG! No, Facebook will not hold its popularity as Google does. Facebook is a shitty shitty stock to invest in and if you don't know this and invest, you will soon learn it.

Generally the problem with people that invest as amateurs. Invest in something that shows objective value and growth potential, not what you happen to find fun or have as a hobby. What you wanted to say is people should invest in something that has long term growth and not just hype. There's a pretty big split between economists as to whether or not 'tangible' assets are worth more than intangible ones. Again, all economists could be wrong, the important part is discussing the ideas, not what most or all people think.

But the fact is that all economists agree on this point and what you said is false. Also, there has been no arguments or developments in years that contradicts subjective value theory, so its basically a very stablished idea. Yeah I'm talking out of my ass, sorry.

In fact looking at it again, my reply wasn't even meant for your comment. The value of something is determined solely by how much people think it is worth.

Thanks for telling me it's called subjective value theory! It will be great, trust me! I think FB is crap, and I cant wait for it to die, but there have been worse tech company ideas on paper. I have an idea! Let's take a user's activity, and arrange it chronologically! I am a genius! The whole problem is that facebook is poorly monetized. Timeline has no effect on the above. I think that while Facebook is not quite as safe an investment as Google, it's pretty safe as far as tech companies go.

I think it would take either a colossal screw up on Facebook's end or a dramatically better competing product to make people switch to another social network. And so long as people keep using Facebook, they are quite valuable to advertisers. Not that I know what I am talking about, but I've been hearing for days concerns that the company may be over-valued. In that case, it wouldn't seem like a safe bet to buy now.

Clearly these people don't understand how the stock market works. It may well be worth buying the shares when they tank down to the 15 dollar mark, as Facebook will probably be relatively stable for at least the next 5 years. However, current value is way way off. They say that Facebook may have to change its income model drastically to please shareholders.

Probably means more ads. Which means more intrusions which i think more people will leave over. The draw to facebook a lot of the times are games. I don't see that lasting too long.

It's just not a stable kind of customer. Well it is definitely a profitable model they make millions yet only a small minority of players actually pay anything but yes it is abrasive to not playing customers to always be getting invites from people.

I sure won't be sad to see games go. The thing is that profitable model is only a temporary one. I've played games for decades now and I know that through those experiences players will get bored of a game. Especially one that has to put out new content so aggressively as Zynga does. They've lost lots of players because they introduce so many game breaking bugs but because they focus more on releasing content then fixing too much the bugs stay to the point that they annoy players away. I'm not an economist or anything, but it seems like most people think they are overvalued.

This means that the price of the stock is too high for what their earning potential is perceived to be. As a comparison, other tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft have a price to earnings ratio of When you invest, you typically want the company you are investing in to make as much money as possible while paying as little as you can to invest in them, which is what a low PE ratio gets you.

Facebook, on the other hand, currently has a PE ratio of This is not very good. Unless they can improve their earnings, this is going to be a crappy stock and the price will fall dramatically. So if you are investing in facebook right now, you are betting on them coming up with some way to improve their revenues, which right now are almost entirely based on ads which most people seem to think are far inferior to Google's ad program.

This, combined with the fact that facebook's earnings have been leveling out, while their operating costs have been increasing, places doubt in many people's mind. At the time of Google's IPO, I believe they had a pretty crappy PE ratio as well, so facebook is not automatically doomed, but people seem to have less confidence in facebook right now than they did in google back then.

Definitely out of my league here but: Does it have to do with the fact that at the time of googles IPO, people might of been less paranoid about big businesses see the banking industry crashing? I think it has more to do with investors' analysis of the two companies, the main component being "growth potential. However at the time, I don't think online marketing and web ads were as huge or as refined of an "industry" as they are today, and Google was probably seen as an innovator in that field at the time.

Facebook also relies on ads for revenue, and this is a problem for them. Google is a juggernaut in the online ad space and facebook is directly competing with google for market share. Most "experts" also seem to agree that Google's ad program is a lot better than facebook's, meaning that facebook has a lot of catching up to do before they can even compete on the same level as google, let alone steal market share. This combined with the fact that facebook is more or less a one trick pony is probably what led to the tepid IPO.

Google is constantly expanding and is omnipresent all over the web. Facebook owns the "social networking" market, but the problem is that in order to monetize it they have to enter into a realm that is already dominated by Google.

That sort of climate didn't exist when Google went public in , and that is why I expect that facebook's stock will take on a much different trajectory than Google's did, at least in the short term.

You won't be able to short sell Facebook stock for at least 30 days, and possibly longer before you can buy or sell any options with Facebook, and who knows what will have happened by then. My advice is to stay away until the dust settles. Too much risk to get involved right off the bat.

Google at IPO time, at least. Well, what happens when people lose interest? Facebook is not Google, they do not hold the same vast amount of services Google provides.

Google has domination over internet advertising with their adSense program, they control the other half of the mobile share, and they are continuing to innovate. Facebook is just Facebook. Sure, Zuckerburg could make another site that is just as good if not better, but it will still be nothing compared to what Google can accomplish.

This is like comparing Apple to Mojang. One can grow and produce new products hence effecting the industry while the other can provide to the industry, but is not necessarily going to change or succeed forever in it. When google did their IPO, they had a lot going on but they only had one revenue stream - adsense, and their only successful products were Gmail beta and google search. That's quite comparable to Facebook. Also Google has had continued interest in all of their products while granted some better than others Facebook has a large majority of people ready to ditch their account whenever a good alternative comes about.

If someone makes a good alternative that would allow you to strip all the info off your fb account and transfer it to your new account I think they would truly see their member base dropping like a rock. I really hope this happens sooner rather than later. It's interesting though how we're all content with 'Google' being a stand-in for search, but 'Facebook' as a stand-in for social network is much more frightening And Google News, which won the best news site of that year.

Its easy to forget how disruptive that was at the time. People don't work that way, because if they did, Zune would've beaten out iPod. Yeah, Google has adsense, but Facebook has its own advertising, and user data for hundreds of millions of people. Honestly, with all the sites using Facebook logins for commenting and other features now, the idea that Facebook might start offering a competitor to Adsense one that operates by cross-referencing page content with user interests probably isn't that far fetched.

I work in online retail - Facebook ads are terrible. There is a reason GM just pulled their full FB ad spend. Google has user data for hundreds of millions of people more than Facebook that they have figured out algorithmically, but here is the dirty little secret: Google assigns you to a demographic bucket based on its guesses from your searches, but that's just a label it doesn't really matter.

What's important is that your bucket assignment is a better predictor of your clicking and spending habbits than the actual demographic information. In other words, if Google assigns you to be a 27 year old woman, but you are a 42 year old man, it doesn't even matter because your spending habits will be closer to a typical "27 year old woman"'s than a typical 27 year old woman. It's crazy and Adsense is not going to be ever overtaken by FB.

Maybe something else will supplant it, but it's sure not going to be a social network where half the people lie. I'm absolutely not saying Facebook ads will overtake Adsense, I was merely stating I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to compete more thoroughly. I know Adsense has their estimated demographics, but Facebook has a huge list of what you've told them you like.

Plus , they have your contacts and status updates. It's definitely debatable which is more useful for advertising self-reported vs measured , but they have a huge trove of data, and Google has such strict rules that result in life-long bans if you break them that I wouldn't be surprised if a competitor was welcomed. I don't think you can compare Facebook to Google. Facebook will always be that one social craze that lasted a long time and will eventually crumble. On the otherhand, Google has diversified their products to Android and the new Google glasses.

I wouldn't recommend investing into FB. The valuation is completely absurd and nearly everyone investor will dump their FB stocks on Monday, it's just not worth it and seems to me that the Banks are holding up the stocks.

This is just my personal opinion and based of the articles I've read in the past days. If the price stays steady then it means that you didn't leave money on the table so to speak. I'm not sure who was really saying this. Just look at pretty much any article written about the IPO and at best they caution to wait a few months before jumping in, and at worst to avoid it completely.

Facebook's popularity does seem fleeting, but I don't see them being replaced as the primarily used social network anytime soon. Looking to Trade Options? Each week, our very own Dave Bartosiak gives his top options trades.

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