ICICIDirect Brokerage Calculator

In case, there is an upward revision in Goods and Service Tax rates, the same will be debited from the Prepaid Brokerage balance and paid to the government. Applicable State wise Stamp Duty charges as per delivery and non-delivery would be levied on turnover. Are you a day trader? Best Trading Platform in India. The prepaid brokerage amount is being treated as an upfront outflow that will be used over a period of time and hence will not be considered by I-Sec for calculation of your TDS liability.

ICICI Direct Brokerage. ICICIdirect is an online trading and investment platform of ICICI Securities, and is one the largest stock broker firm in India with offices in almost all the cities in India.

ICICIDirect Brokerage Charges 2016

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ICICI Direct Review - About the company

Brokerage in Options & Option Plus under Options Plan Options plan is for active intra-day Options traders who trade actively & frequently and require pricing that would help to break-even early. ICICI Direct offers a range of services to its customers. In addition to trading services in Equity, Derivatives, and Currency, the website offers services in Mutual Funds, ETF, Insurance, FD/Bonds, Loans, Tax and ELocker etc. ICICI Direct Trading Platforms 1. ICICI Direct Trade Racer. Trade Racer is ICICI's own trading platform. Brokerage In Cash. The minimum brokerage for transactions upto Rs on stocks quoting more than Rs is Rs. 35/- per trade or % of the trade value whichever is lower. Brokerage rates as mentioned above, will be charged for trade value exceeding Rs.