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Stop Loss Order or Stop An order to buy or sell when a particular price is reached, either above or below the price that prevailed when the order was given. Their market interest can be substantial and influence currency direction in the short-term. We look at how you can predict a currency movement by studying the stock market. Pair The forex quoting convention of matching one currency against the other. Adjustment Official action normally occasioned by a change either in the internal economic policies to correct a payment imbalance or in the official currency rate. One cancels the other order OCO A designation for two orders whereby if one part of the two orders is executed, then the other is automatically cancelled. Using a demo account to boost trading experience.

Forex Trading Abbreviations (Full List) A list of professional terms of any sphere is the main instrument for users. Special words help to .

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21 rows · Complete list of Currency Abbreviations World Currency Names ISO . The Forex market is magic. But for the majority of non-traders, Forex may be a mystery. This article explains in a very simple way how it all began and outlines the most popular abbreviations and Forex trading terms used by traders. May 08,  · Forex Trader's Glossary Forex Trading Terms Technical Analysis Terms Financial Acronyms The following Acronym List is meant as a quickie reference to those acronyms most commonly seen while scanning the pages of Forex Factory. It's obviously not meant to be a complete or comprehensive list.