Reyes Magos – Les Rois Mages en Espagne

Three Kings Day in Spain and many other parts of the world is celebrated on January 6th to mark the day on the Christian calendar when the magi brought gifts The back room has been tidied up and we can now sit at a proper table for our lunch break, which again is a relief after making do with the stairs and an improvised table from a wooden board and a huge overturned flowerpot. These two places will be jamming with a three-day St. It may be quite the entertaining spectacle, but complete the feat and you're guaranteed a year of good luck! Mike King , Text Overlay: Devour Madrid Food Tours. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

Día de los Reyes Magos - the Day of Three Kings in Spain, January 6th.

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These two places will be jamming with a three-day St. How did that tradition begin? I asked a friend of mine who is Spanish; she had no idea. This is a really good article very informational because I am learning about the three kings at school. Christmas may have come and gone, but many kids here in Spain are still eagerly awaiting their presents.

Los Reyes Magos make the Christmas magic happen! Malojavio el Saucejo Later that evening, kids leave out their shoes in a spot where the Kings are sure to see them. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest.

International secret service says. Not related but usually coinciding with the festival is Salamanca's annual medieval market, where you can poke through the stands full of regional artisan goods and tasty treast.

June 18 Festival Description: Celebrating the institution of the Eucharist, a solemn and naturally religious-themed procession passes through the city; the cathedral complex is perhaps the most picturesque place to take it all in.

July 25 Festival Description: In Salamanca and its surrounding towns and villages, expect to see the typical Spanish manifestation of a party: One of the most interesting, albeit also one of the most peculiar, festivals in Salamanca is that of La Mariseca- a symbolic act announcing the upcoming Feria de Salamanca see below. Traditionally, men involved in the bullfighting industry climbed to the highest point of the Plaza Mayor's Ayuntamiento City Hall to place la mariseca, a bull-shaped weathervane boasting a Spanish flag, upon it.

Nowadays the firemen tend to take care of the task, but the locals turn out in droves to watch the spectacle, which is then followed by music and fireworks. September Festival Description: Read about the Feria de Salamanca December Festival Description: La Nochebuena, or Christmas Eve, features the biggest meal of the year. Families- not only the immediate but rather the entire extended family- spend the evening indulging in conversation, merriment and, of course, copious amounts of food and drink.

While a present or two from Santa Claus might make their way into your hands on Navidad, Christmas Day, the big day of gift-giving is a couple of weeks later, on Reyes Magos.

The day is essentially spent relaxing with family and recuperating from the previous evening's festivities.

Quand arrivent les Rois Mages en Espagne ?

Día de los Reyes Magos -el día de los reyes magos, 6 de enero. Reyes Magos – Jour des Rois Mages en Espagne le 6 janvier. Reyes Magos - The three wise men or three kings Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthazar. Rosca de reyes - An oval sweet bread decorated with candied fruit. Merienda de reyes - An afternoon meal that consists of tamales, hot chocolate, and rosca reyes. Cabalgata de los reyes magos - The day before el día de.