Posted by Mahesh Chander Kaushik at 7: Those who are interested in knowing more about the reverse trading system may read the eighth-week story, link is given below. You remember, Seema Kaushik bought 59 shares of Jain Irrigation at the price of Today, D-Link India Limited is a key market player with a nationwide reach, robust product portfolio, and superior services in India. My regular followers here use my App and they may have it in mind that I had recommended HT Media shares priced at 82, and I am also following my own recommendations, so my wife and I both invest in those shares which we recommend to you. Seema sold and booked a profit of If you have not seen my new video, then see this link:

Kaushik Trading System will help you make your best financial future. We Provide “LOWEST BROKERAGE“ for Active Traders in Equity – Cash / Future / Option, Commodity, Agricultural Commodity & Currency Market. Kaushik Trading System is trusted name for providing trading tips in stock market. Our expert team give reliable and accurate.

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Research Terms of Mahesh Kaushik. Promoters of D-Link India Ltd hold So this is a good sign as per my rules. The base price of D-Link India Ltd is No any bonus issue right issue and bulk deals are recorded in last 2 years. Net sale per share Book value of D-Link India Ltd is My New Hindi Video: Important Notice About my App: I find that someone deletes my app from App system control.

I think someone tries to hack my push notifications and when he is unable to hack then cloud system stop work for push notifications in app system control. This app is made by one engineer which live in abroad, so I emailed this issue to my engineer and he reply that this server problem may be fixed in following days, but he not tells me how many day is required for fix this issue in my app.

If the problem does not resolve in following days, then I think I may develop a new app and remove the old app from stores. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this matter. How to use my old recommendations: These allow a company to dilute equity without a matching reduction in promoters' stake.

The aim of limiting voting rights is preventing hostile takeovers by separating economic interests and voting rights. DVR shares are ideal for small shareholders as they rarely exercise their voting rights. This is because only a few understand the company's affairs in such detail that they can influence its actions.

They buy shares only to make money and so happily give away voting rights in favor of those who have management control. DVR shares are priced lower at issuance and offer higher dividends; in return, the voting rights are limited. DVRs mostly trade at a discount.

However, at times, the gap between DVR and ordinary shares is big, providing investment opportunities. Short Brief of Company Business: Food processing under brand name Farm-Fresh. And some more diversified business.

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