The loss from one will offset any gains from another. I give it another month and then decide whether to burn on handbag or fxunited or maybe give for raya money. Bro, so you actually bought their stories about its establishment in Belgium and how it came to Malaysia.. May 27th, at 6: Some have not received their monthly payment for months and requst for capital withdrawal is not entertained..

Trading Foreign Exchange (FX) on margin carries high potential rewards but also high potential risks that may not be suitable for all investors.

Court cases

Then decide if you want to invest in CGAT. You want risk free?? But I took that risk. Remember folks, there is risk in everything.

Hell, walking out your home these days is a bloody risk. Muggers, murderers and rapists and what not. You either try to mitigate the risk or live in fear. Or just pray like hell that nothing bad ever happens. Jun 1st, at 3: Most people do not bother as long as they can earn money. Yes, Balan G N. Since you are very confident with the company, why not take Oz. May be you can be their honorable consultant as well.

This goes to all the scam supporters as well. If you are confident with that institution, go take a few thousand dollar loan and invest in it. Resign from your day job. Wish you all the best. Jun 1st, at 5: There are a number of opportunities to make money in the world today which have quantifiable risk profiles and a good return, without the need to abandon any moral sense and enrichen thieves and liars. Jun 1st, at 6: Is fxunited a ponzi scheme? After deregistering from new Zealand fsp.

Looks like a brilliant move as now no jurisdiction in this world can freeze their perfect money or bitcoin accounts. Jun 1st, at 7: You and I know pretty well, once the company is listed in BNM website as company to be wary of, it is matter of time the authority moves in and take necessary action under the Malaysian law.

In this event, who is answerable to the investors, UGHL? We dont think so, it is in the process of delisting by New Zealand company register.

Fxunited Power Sdn Bhd????? This owner, Dato Raja, they say this is not his real name, he is celebrated as having the biggest network and earns 2 million per month, wow, thats hella of huge money!!!!! Do not stick to your rhetorics of how you people are making money and benefiting from this scam, even pimps are generating huge income. Just take a moment and answer these questions like a good child. None of the above 2 foreign entities are legal and every single one of it has been closed down and serious action being taken by the authorities.

Millions are stolen from people. So, the conclusion is, history is going to repeat again and all those who are still in Wonderland with Alice,especially Malaysians are going to get screwed big time. So wake up man, refer to the above link and you will notice, even this guy who was championing FXunited has warned people from investing in this company. So think my friend, it is your hard earned money. Do not let this liars take away what is rightfully yours.

I had a long discussion with Peter Tan last Friday night. Peter was presenting at a preview night held in Burwood a suburb of Sydney. I said that I had some lingering doubts about whether FX United really exists, and whether the CGAT system could continue to produce the returns that FX United pays so far — and provide a capital guarantee ie monthly top-up.

He said he had met the representatives from FX United when they were in Malaysia, and that they were clearly smart business people who knew what they were doing. He explained to me how all major trades by FX United are effectively hedged by a counter trade, which they are in a position to place in the wholesale market ie if we buy, then they sell — so that if our accounts lose, they gain by the equivalent amount … while all the time earning spread or commission on the trade.

That is why FX United is in a position to top up our accounts if they make a loss. However, he said that he did not think that CGAT was the whole story.

FX United is undoubtedly holding millions of dollars, for thousands of traders, so they are in a position to place funds and earn interest on the overnight money market, and to make very large profits just from this investment. He pointed out that if anyone is in a position maximize advantage from the the financial system for our joint advantage then it is a foreign exchange broker. However, Peter agreed that none of us fully understands all the business dealings of FX United.

All that Peter could say with certainty is that they have never missed a payment on his account since he joined in August , and similarly for his boss since He also pointed out that given the very high returns provide, any trading capital placed with FX United is effectively repaid within 9 months, and if we introduce other people, then that period can be reduced down to just a few months. At the end of the day there is risk in this investment like any business , but the risk diminishes quickly over a very short period of time.

Jun 1st, at 9: Hello, I read all the comments, did some digging and googling and oh yes, knew a few people investing in fxunited.

Was asked to join them last year April and immediately knew this is too good to be true. Recovered all their investment capital. Hmm maybe i should dump some spare cash on this rather than buy a RM10K handbag for the home minister.

But wait, let me start digging again and googling bring me here. Good job to those that did extensive check on this company. Here is a summary of what my own findings:. List of companies where brian is a director before: The interesting part of my findings resulted in the more questions but the following is enough to ring a warning bell that this is a definite shady company to invest. Reza Mokhtarian is a director of FXIntel based on filing of company document, what is his relationship with Brian?

David Lathrop is listed as his MD in both companies and his profile linkedin. Who is this guy besides his experiences in failed fx companies? Why are both men are not talked about in financial industries when they happened to be owning one of the best ever investment company? At least Reza is well known.

Scam by definition is someone who steal your money and runs off. Only time will tell how far this will continue. I give it another month and then decide whether to burn on handbag or fxunited or maybe give for raya money. Jun 2nd, at This guy does NOT understand how hedging works. The loss from one will offset any gains from another. You can look up what hedging really means in Investopedia. Jun 2nd, at 2: FX United is…in a position to place funds and earn interest on the overnight money market, and to make very large profits just from this investment.

Jun 2nd, at 3: Just by providing this wrong information you cant expect any other fxunited member to take your speculations seriously. Get ALL your facts right so at least we can take you seriously. If you really want to bust down a scam at least for do it properly. MT platform created specially for fxunited did you even download it or just assume with its icon logo hahaha.

Shah if you claim that you have attended the previous dinner, you would of known that they were partners in lmax until the recent split.

Many fxunited members have also visited lmax office. Fxunited power sdn bhd does not exist in the registra but has 10 company accounts? Do you honestly think BNM is run by idiots? Their support centre in manila will be fully operational in june 16 and my personal friend has visited the office with a full team of staff. So this might be a very professional scam i assume?

They are the official sponsor on the recent lamborghini event for team aylezo. There has been a lot of speculations that fxunited is a scam since , same shit goes on many forex brokers.

Those who actually invested in their auto trading platform from have all already doubled their income. The same speculations happen that how bitcoin is a failed currency but yet now is bulling up. There will always be two sides of the story. Now for the blogger, do some homework and we are looking forward for to see some proper content, not some half ass information. Jun 2nd, at 7: What you remember is neither here nor there. They do that on the sly. Stop talking out of your arse.

As for monthly reporting of forex, what token amount is reported has nothing to do with using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.

Jun 2nd, at 9: UGHL registered as a company in and fxunited. A simple whois checks confirmed that information created but a detail check showed prior to , it is a shell domain owned by domain registrar domainbyproxy. Maybe people close to fxunited can answered this:. Why is UGHL formed in if it starts operation way before then?

What is the name of the previous company if any. How many MIB do they have and who are they? MIB names and contact should be listed and easily available. I have done my part, please do your part to find out the legitimacy of this organisation which has been blacklisted by BNM, Fx United Power Sdn Bhd from the below agencies, apologist and Paul Anderson is most welcome to write to them. You can email to all this agencies and find out whether what this guys are doing is legal or otherwise Period.

Members of the public may also check with other enforcement agencies for verification on related activities:. IB has 10 company accounts, confirmed Deposit taking and illegitimate. Paul, please answer this and dont go around beating around the mulberry bush. Paul, when UGHL is deregistered, it will be automatically a non existing business entity, so in this case who is going to pay off the investors??

Pandeyan, Paul, Priscilla or the great Brian Johson. Paul, you look like the latest champion for this scam, pity you buddy. Do you know the australian lawyer who defended this scam tooth and nail and how he has distanced himself from this mess. Go and see in his blog, he has warned people to stay away from this mess.

Jun 2nd, at 1: November, last filed on 30 November Can someone out there, please advice whether this company is still legitimate in the face of all the following actions taken against them by international regulatory bodies:. Now i get the dividends still every month for both which i guess no salaried job will do without any headaches and stress. Jumping on the band wagon of FXU managed to sort and ease things out for this last 1.

So really not worried about others who claim on the wherebouts of the money goes and comes and the company, bcos nobody else manage or was there or even cared to solve and help me out in difficult times. Joe Jacks, very good attitude buddy, keep it up and it will take you very far in life.

The company appears to be running a forex Ponzi scheme, primarily in Malaysia. Jun 3rd, at 2: Refer to the blog and the link above for A lawyers advice, you people decide what you going to do.

This blog belongs to an Australian lawyer, he is also an advocate of this investment. Now he has come to his senses, when are you people going to come to your senses. I just want to use the worst words to describe you buggers but I am refraining myself for the good of healthy discussion.

Nevermind, the whole game is coming to an end, and I am so fooking tired and I going to retire from this whole sick issues. Jun 3rd, at 3: Jun 3rd, at 6: Jun 3rd, at 7: Shah, Google Dato Zulfaisal up. Plenty of information starting in and Shah you can ask your buddy to investigate him since he has plenty of legit companies in the country and some give plenty of money to investors too.

Jun 4th, at We do not have to investigate anymore, the shit has hit the fan and there is going to be some intense domino effect, the nature will take its course. The false address submitted by UGHL is an extremely serious offence in NZ and on top it, the legitimate tenant of the address is taking appropriate action in New Zealand. This investigation may have an effect on the FX united scam.

Brian Johnson will be answerable for this mess, let us see what kind beans he is going to spill in FX United case. Fx united is the best forex broker.. Jun 5th, at 1: The whole fooking world knows the whole scam is coming to an end, dont sing the same tune again and again. Your response is merely an attempt to keep she sinking ship afloat. Nobody cares whether this assholes are good brokers or bad brokers, the issue now is theses scammers are not real brokers at all.

They are scammers disguising as brokers. What are their qualifications to manage the fund? Dont time travel and go back to the past, answer what is status of this company. The company will be derigestered by 17 June if there are no objection. If this happens, Pedro are you going to pay the depositors. Pedro, we know you are another stakeholder of this scam, its okay, try your best to regain the confidence of the public. We heard there is an exodus, people rushing to withdraw their money upon learning of the FSPR deregistration in New Zealand.

Pedro, do you all still have the money or transfered all the money to your offshore bank account. Jun 5th, at 2: Jun 6th, at If you wish to continue to be a part of the discussion, stop changing your comment name and republishing the same thing.

Jun 10th, at 9: Yes it is true that the NZ board had decided to remove United Global from its registrar of societies. This is something that we had already anticipated since there have been malicious remarks that have been spread by various parties who are envious of our success in the industry. The FMA; After hearing of our huge returns to clients had asked us to justify this but after we had wrote to them, they had told us that the only way to stay on is if we removed the CGAT and WINST programme which we categorically refused.

Having anticipated this, we are in the midst of registering ourselves in another country and getting the necessary authorization done. Everything is already on the roll and we should be in order very soon. As far as Fx United is concerned, business still goes on as usual as our LP Liquidity Provider is more interested in the volume we generate than anything else so you need not worry. Your investments are safe and secure with us. We have been in the business for many years and we have been through many hurdles and we will definitely overcome this one.

Jun 12th, at All smart blogger and friends here. Jun 12th, at 1: As a depositer of course i make a Good income here as fxunited paid accordingly and My whole family also saving on it.

Offtopic derail attempts removed. Jun 12th, at 6: The ROIs are unsustainable and make little sense. That FX United is being run by shady nobodies in Malaysia, who are on the run from New Zealand and Malaysia to now the Philippines, is also in line with how an illegitimate business is run. Jun 18th, at Jun 18th, at 9: Looks like the scammers tactic to divert the members attention to avoid the actual issue at hand has succeeded, the illegitimacy of FXunited and the other actions by the authorities and they escapade to Philippines.

They are saying that Shah is a competitor, this and that. In actual fact, I think its a waste of time to reply to you people who are so easily influenced by these scam artist. Now you answer us one question, if UGHL is deregistered on 17 June , what will happen to the members money?

Pls click the LINK. Since it is in the process of removal, the whole establishment called UGHL Fxunited has no legal force or effect. The agreement between UGHL and the depositors is not enforceable and not binding anymore for new recruits and as for old depositors, kindly refer to your lawyers for more advise.

So in normal circumstances, the bank account of companies which are removed from the register will become null and void, in this case how are the transactions going to take place, BITCOIN?

Now the BITCOIN system integration is blamed for members unsuccessful withdrawal, story after story and you people are dancing to their tunes. Okay got to go for a coffee, think Singam think, dont let greed blind your wisdom and let these empty beings rob you of what belongs to you. Go around and do a little bit of background check of your leaders and you will be freaking out buddy, some of them have pulled off some big scams in Malaysia in the past and gone into hiding before emerging with brand new scams.

Have you heard of Malaysian Postal scam? Do your study buddy, you will be awed by this discovery. Go buddy, go and do your homework and you will know how the MLM industry in Malaysia is hijacked by scumbags and turned into nasty dirty Ponzi scheme. Jun 23rd, at 3: Tried to email FXUnited twice but seem no one answer my complaint or issue.

Have not heard from them at all almost 2 weeks. They may be lack of management control or administration system or no staff at all in the office. I am doubt and a bit start loosing confident in doing this business. Jun 24th, at It was highly anticipated that this shit will happen due to the pressure from the regulatory bodies in NZ and Malaysia.

Too bad bro, u are at the lower rung of the scam, as such you are fooked, simple. We warned you but you were too ignorant to understand what we were telling. Withdraw your deposits and run as fast as you could, before it is too late. There are more legal action on the way from the the Malaysian regulatory agencies.

Our personal advise get your money out and in case they fail to release your fund, just post your complaints here in this forum with the full details, your upliner, the mib, ib, agent id, bank details and your losses and we will tell you exactly how to redeem your deposits.

Jun 24th, at 4: Hey Shah, how can we contact you to find out more? Jun 25th, at 9: Jun 26th, at 2: I am seeing many of fxunited members are challenging the non fxunited friends here. Seriously I am very sad seeing many of my friends and relative joining this scheme. The concept are same. Please help our own people.

Thank you and god bless. Jul 12th, at 2: I know of people who knows that the company does not exist in New Zealand. They have checked it out. They have gone to queen street and found it empty. When I speak to them they just want to make their money what happens in a year why worry is their answer.

They plan to migrate as his family is already in New Zealand. Do this people trheink of others. They are the praying time. What hippocrates they are. Jul 12th, at 3: Think about whether you willingly to take the risk, or is best you stayed away. Hope this help anyone that have will to succeed in the Risk you take. Your scam excuses are full of shit. Jul 18th, at Do you know why they kept quiet, you bamboozle?

Now, click this link and you will know why, my dear fxu partners. The operators knew from the start, where it will end, buddy. They are calm and quiet because, this is nothing new to them. So, the partner, you are using risk clause to justify their deception and putting the blame squarely on the investors, what cock a doodle doo, you are so extremely fatuous in believing such an incredible lie.

Dear the partner, courage cannot be used as a yardstick to justify risk taking when falsehood is involved in the entire process, so wtf are you talking? It is total crap and full of bullshit and your argument and explanations is only fit and appropriate for retards. Do you know that, currently people are already having problem withdrawing their funds and getting their monthly payout.

For more information on people complaining about their withdrawals, please refer to the following link:. The conclusion is, the driving motivation behind this scheme, from top to bottom, is greed.

So based on the above greed factor, everyone deserved to be screwed,except for really ignorant and imbecile folks. Lastly it takes very cold hearted people to push the scheme, and very greedy and selfish-minded ones to participate. Jul 20th, at 1: They are blaming it on a glitch and are being silent. Am hoping I can withdraw my initial investment.

Feel so stupid now bro Shah. Well, will update here if any new updates as my IB said money should be in my account by end of the week. All I wanna do now is withdraw and be happy with what I have instead of being too ambitious.

Good night guys and girls. Jul 24th, at 4: You might think you are, and you may have been early enough and corralled more victims into the scheme, so you might be fortunate enough to nearly cover your investment. So let me ask you this. How are you going to deal with it. Are you going to be responsible for those you brought in and made an earn from?

Or are you going to be like every other scheme where its never your fault, how were you to know it was a scam. Its pretty easy actually. Look at this from a different viewpoint. You are part of an experienced trading team, and you have a rapid increasing pool of capital that you can trade with.

A team you have some really solid ideas and thoughts as where the markets are going. You absolutely certain there are a couple of events that you are certain when they occur certain currencies are going to turn very sharply and you can make a killing on in the next 12 months.

You are so confident that you already thinking that you will be able to start your own fund funded by the profits that will be made for the investors in the next 12 months. The funds are coming in quicker than you can count them, every day there are hundreds of new accounts.

Its not like you can just execute all at exactly the same time and lock in exactly the same terms. Your liquidty provider on the other hand he can aggregate them together. Then lastly, you find out that the investor can call in their after a certain return has been made.

Which is kind of strange since the returns are so high that to by meeting those returns no one is going to ask for their cash back. Unless something goes wrong and well.

If you had your own fund. Not only is the quantum of cash that needs to be put to work escalating the number of accounts is doubling ever month. It all arriving on different days, which means every-day positions have to be liquidated to have the cash to move into each investors accounts. The reality justs gets more painful. The amount of trading profits made in the last 4 months is more money than anyone has ever seen before. In fact, we are now onto our 4th liquidity provider as the other 3 went to the wall.

Then all the tears about how we must be manipulating the market somehow. Just because we are outperforming the market by 10x. Not sure what their problem is. All that needs to happen is you go out tomorrow and get 10 more people. After, all he is really tight with his upline, and he is with his, and that guys cousin, lives next door to a guy who is one of the main guys.

Getting rid of that NZ company makes it a bit easier. That Trust instrument that you signed, but they only stamped with no names on it. That should stand up in court. Since the only person it obligates is you the investor. Yeah probably best not to make a big noise in court over it. Some one might looks at the agreements and realise that as the investor you are reasonable for paying all the tax in the jurisdiction that the profits were made.

But thats an issue between you and them. The government just wants their share of the profits, if there is any capital found. It will be offset against the with-holding tax that needs to be settled. Yes of course you have to pay tax in your own country, and some up front tax planning around the existing double taxation treaties would have been smart.

Anyone that thinks that still thinks this is real, ask your world class traders at Power Rangers United. Jul 24th, at 6: Jul 24th, at 7: Its not possible, its not realistic and its not plausible. I had to re-read it a few times to try and understand the logic.

I now realise why some people are excited about it. They believe its a magic formulae. On the basis that the broker always makes money. So by fixing the broker remuneration at 3. Collect and split the pip spread and everyone is happy. Everyone except the liquidity provider who you are stripping the spread from.

Jul 25th, at Since they are providing guaranteed returns, they have a huge surplus funds from previous trade wins to pay out investors on their due dates as the forex market itself is a no guarantee.

Jul 29th, at 2: Jul 29th, at 7: You mean you stole money from people who joined after you… but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Jul 29th, at 5: Now I need some clarification from you. Can you tell us here what is your affiliation with all those entities mentioned above? Jul 30th, at 8: I guess you dont read other forums. Now can you answer one simple question, why are thousands of investors in CGAT are not paid since May ?

And there are also rumors going around that FX united will close shop in Malaysia by 10th August, is it true? Aug 4th, at Aug 5th, at 5: As Shah mentioned, maybe they are closing down by 10th August. Aug 6th, at Venusfx came in at the wrong time. Let me tell you why, FXunited is closely watched by the authority and their failure to pay the guaranteed sum to the members has become a major problem. So at this moment it will be too risky for Venusfx to spread their wings and duplicate FXU modus operandi.

So the best option for Venusfx is to collect the money and dissappear with the loot. Shahirawadey the owner of Venusfx is formerly an associate of FXunited..

The game is over for all fx related illegal companies in Malaysia. Based on the number of members FXU have, we are talking about hundreds of millions and it is probably going to be the single largest scam in Malaysia. Venus or FXUnited would have made it bigger and ran for a few years more but unfortunately their scam was cut short because there are people like OZ and other good natured people who have taken upon themselves to highlight the scams in this forum and other related forums.

After all the explosive exposures about their scam, this buggers were caught red handed and they have no choice but to run to Philippines. Even in Philippines they are not safe because Security and Exchange Commission is watching them and we will know very soon the news from Philippines.

Only now, the real show is going to start because many investors who have not received their payment is heading to Bank Negara Malaysia. Bank Negara Malaysia normally warn people about company to wary of and will only watch them but this time its going to be different and action will be taken because I foresee hundreds or maybe thousands are going to throng BNM to report and get back their money.

So Singam, Shahruddin is my full name, so dont get confused and mixed up with Shahidrawadey.. Aug 9th, at 9: Please return back my money. Already apply withdraw since june. Status sucess but haven get money back. All upline just ingnore and update other non related topic. Fxunited just paying interest only, the capital gone forever. Aug 9th, at 6: Bank Negara Malaysia BNM has no authority to defreeze accounts which are frozen due to investments in illegal investment scheme.

Aug 11th, at 9: Shah, I have been following this tread for sometime. Recently you had mentioned that FXU will be closed by 10th August. Seems it still going on as usual. I heard that their investor still get their monthly returns as promised only a little bit delayed. I am not invest in this scheme. Few of my friends are. Others plan to join and I had asked them not to invest due to what you mentioned that it will close shop soon. I fully understand that this is a ponzi scheme.

I hoped this will collapse as soon as possible so that less will be their victims. Thanks for your inputs. Aug 11th, at Lately a company called Highway group was raided by the authority and I believe FXU is in the same league. Aug 11th, at 3: Now they all goyang already.

The FX United management try to calm down the investor by posting the news:. We would like to clarify that this is not at all true.

So that can already prove that this person is lying. Secondly the EU Referendum did not cause any damage to us that we have to close shop. These allegations as usual are meant to destroy our reputation as day by day our business is growing to more and more countries and naturally people get jealous of our success. And one more thing..

Aug 11th, at 8: Fxunited is holding and try to proof their can last longer than 10 aug. Their are in state of emergency now. Sooner or later their will shop the shop. So, please new investors dont financial this scam company to run further.

Makan besar for them. Try to withdral your capital, then you know the real problems. You will get all the hangky panky things then. Aug 13th, at 6: Aug 13th, at Refer to the below link. So all Malaysians who have contributed to the well being of your leaders and elevated them to a super rich status, now its time to redeem what you have freely given to them because the end is near.

Aug 14th, at 7: Aug 14th, at Aug 15th, at 7: Aug 15th, at Aug 15th, at 9: Withdrawal must go through PerfectMoney portal which is known popular among fraudsters. Than you have to find another channel to go through before money comes to your bank account.

And seems the process quite complicated. A friend of mind with 11k USK had withdrawal problem. Have been 10 days after his withdrawal request with any success. It is impossible to count quantity of pyramids which is started on PerfectMoney platform daily.

It speaks about weak influence on system of different government institutions which in every possible way limit freedom of money circulation. For example, LibertyReserve system that was also famous among administrators of financial pyramids was closed in May, by federal agency of the USA.

After that case PerfectMoney quickly moved to the. Aug 16th, at Aug 16th, at 1: Aug 16th, at 4: Fxunited only pay dividend on monthly bases. The capital is gone forever, eat by the leaders. I have many people here who have withdrawn their entire capital in a month and received all the money too. So where do you stand? Next question, why did they withdraw? They did that to restructure their deposits to suit their needs. Jaason, its not Perfect Money.

The person must have gone through Bankwire which can take as long as 2 weeks in some instance as the amount is big and a suspect for money laundering. Aug 16th, at 7: From the information i obtained, this company appears to have been investigated by BNM as result of some clowns complain but found they were just a training provider company. Some people here may be meshing bits and pieces to give their own impression which may be misleading in some parts.

Anyway, my take on FXU is simple. The risk is mine and after reading all this and if i do decide to invest then it is my problem. I thank Shah for his information but appreciate if he could substantiate his finding and let people decide instead of threatening everyone.

Aug 16th, at 8: I think you should mortgage the farm, cash in all your savings and convince your parents to invest their retirement fund in FX United as a demonstration of your beliefs.

Aug 16th, at 9: Aug 17th, at Mr Jamal, stop being personal here. Say what want about about the FXU with substantiated proof and be professional about. Therefore the scheme is likely just using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors, making it a Ponzi scheme. What, is there some sort of code of conduct now that says we should be respectful of pig headed apologists for ponzi and pyramid schemes??? Aug 17th, at 2: Refer to the following link and you will know the truth, nothing but the truth that these companies are related to FXU.

Refer to the above links and we hope you can be cured of your delusion and can continue leading a normal life. So what more prove do you want, Lexman? Why the need to run to Philippines? So, you fellas think that Philippines can be your next playground? Sorry buddy, you are already under their watch. You want prove, go and get it by yourself.

So, I hope these clowns Shah has given you some information to validate the claims, these are just the beginning, just a small indication of a larger thing to come, so just wait patiently and enjoy while it is still bright and breezy.

Aug 17th, at 4: Lexman, people using their life saving money… believe in your bullshits. Aug 18th, at 9: Let us tell you something,we know you are part of the scam and we also heard that the investors money are used for personal purchases and some even have bought properties in Australia worth millions. Aug 23rd, at Wow, FXU must be a breakhtrough to many people.

Aug 24th, at So the problem is our banking system or FX unites?. They recently came out in Sepang racing circuit for some branding, how come the authority allow? Probably they just feel that since investors are still getting paid even though its taking months sometimes and there is no clear documented complain from investors, so they remain quiet. Wait and see buddy, you cannot manipulate the system too long.

They are still around because investors who have not received their payment do not want to say or do something to disturb the current situation. The members are still hopeful that their investment is safe. It is just a matter of time before these frustrated investors throng BNM to find a recourse.

It wont be very long buddy. People are watching bro,you may think you are invisible but you are wrong. Remeber this, in this world there is no menu for Karma, you will get served with what you deserve.

So, it is really a matter of time before the whole system collapsed. Aug 24th, at 4: I did invest a small amount in it because of pressure from my relatives but I never believed in it. My senior members call me coward and not willing to believe and too sceptical.

And the lucky draw is only for people who invested additional 10, USD. This scheme is actually paving way for a lot of other schemes in future. The worse things is a lot of people are falling for it…. Not by just putting in a robot to make money for you. If indeed there is such thing…. Aug 24th, at 7: This is often a sign the end could be nigh, either by implosion or some outside means.

Conventions are good signposts so take your money and run. If your relatives or senior members pressure you to keep it there, tell them you will, on them submitting a signed statement to you that they will refund every cent you once it crashes. Aug 24th, at 8: The FXU system also mentioned that the so called broker is sharing the spread. The only way a Forex broker IMO making money is from the spread. So, chances for them to share is very slim. Later, it go to mass through peers and relatives.

Something bad waiting to explode. Aug 25th, at 3: All the best guys, very soon they will say the witdrawal is fixed at 1. Aug 26th, at 6: Next Wednesday onward I will travel nationwide meet all group under every main leader to explain our current challenges with local authorities ….

Anyway who is the broker? What is the name of the broker? Challenges with the local authority??? What do you expect when you operate an illegitimate business.

Do you think the authorities are mad to simply go around penalizing these kind of felony. Finally, like what we said before- the collapse will be blamed entirely on Bank Negara Malaysia and their leaders will wash their hands.

Remember the gold scheme, same excuse same modus operandi. Aug 26th, at The very idea that a forex trading site would have money problem should sending doomsday alarm bells all over. Aug 27th, at Effective from 1st Sept Aug 27th, at 2: Many investors under Dato Raja have not been paid since 1 Aug I also heard some have asked for withdrawal of their capital from FX United 2 months ago but still have not received their money. There is also 1 Mini IB who ran away with investors money.

What is happening to FX United? Its getting worse and worse since June Do you have any info Fx United Malaysia? This is not just IB problem. It is FX United problem. The problems are slowly spreading from 1 IB to another IB. Aug 27th, at 3: If you happen to come to behindmlm. One more thing Adrian, did you hear that millions are spent by the leaders to buy property in Australia.. I believe they are stacking their loots in Australia. Aug 28th, at 4: This is Malaysia were talking about, let us not forget.

This is why such scams will never be fully eradicated in Malaysia. End of the day you cannot stop these scams because there will always be people gullible, greedy and not wise enough to fall for it. Scams will continue as usual because Malaysians are one of the easiest people to fall for scams.

This is a statistical fact. If so why would they so publicly expose their faces? Aug 28th, at 8: As Scam buster said, Malaysia is a fertilize ground for scam. Just wonder how many scams are there starting by days. Now there that diversified it even more. Wonder why Malaysian easily fall to these type of ponzi scams. Anyway, as long people are greedy and obese with easy money making attitude these scams will flourish in years to come.

Aug 31st, at 9: Recently my friend complain that he is facing a lot problem related to money transection. He did as instructed but the prefect money is not approve until 14 business days till to date is unknown. Contacted Philippine regional office by sending a ticket the reply is it is only taking 5 to 7 business days for approval. Sep 3rd, at 2: Hi, We have a big team in Networking business. We think it is possible to us joining thousand of people next 6 months from Australia.

One of our friend offer us to join. We wanna join as a business entity with them. But we have to ensure the money we will deposit to FXunited remain safe. We told our friend if we see it is safe so we can invite hundred of people because compensation plan is lucrative.

But if think it is unsafe then we never ever offer anyone. So my question is if fxunited disappear who gonna responsible for client money. I strongly feel lodging police report is the best option. It has been a month waiting and still i had not yet receive the promised bonus from IMA return since last May. Usually it took days but now seems like dragging it long. No news announcing about the delay. All IMA withdrawal approval pending for more than 20 working days.

Broker promise to aprove within 10 to 15 working days but until now still pending. For people out there please avoid dealing with this broker. The investigation paper will be under 1. Interest Schemes Act Act 5. Rest assured, the police will leave no stone unturned. I leave this matter to the police for now. Rjjfx ve taken the public 4 a ride. Jeanne Marc is talking rubbish. He is the moron of the highest order.

Do not invest in FXUnited. I was promised that my wallet 1 money will be returned. First by perfect money, then i was told i need to withdraw via bitcoin, however, till now iv not received my money. They did not keep their words and promises thus proves that the are not to be trusted.

Till today i only manage to withdraw twice amounted 2K USD. After that, money withdraw-ed to IBs which was approved is still not deposited to my account. So i sent a email to FXUnited management for the withdrawal status.

Their reply was" Please be informed that Withdrawals that have been approved by your IB will be subject to payment by your respective IBs.

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Is RjjFX a Good Forex Broker? Read Real Reviews, By Traders, For Traders™ Add Your Rating to the Largest Forex Review Database by Forex Peace Army™ >>/5(48). All other transactions such as new registrations of members or any other activities must be done via the cabinet. The link for the new cabinet is as follows: Fx united is the best forex broker.. i join since sept until have any problem w wd issue.. # shah. Jun 5th, at pm. Pedro, The whole fooking world knows the whole scam is coming to an end, dont sing the same tune again and again. Your response is merely an attempt to keep she sinking ship afloat.