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Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Avoid ills eg overeating esp rich foods, alcoholism, gambling. Dilarang keras menebar fitnah. The basic premise for the binary options site uses is at a specific time, say 1: Harmonic Pattern Trading Sep 13, 4: In fact a friend recommended me to the school and I liked what I saw. Hello, I am a student of the Trading Master featured in the video.

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Warning about stocks/forex guru trading courses in the market

Internet is a very cost-effective platform to market a product but it can also draw criticism easily too. The fact is this is not the first time for the school uploaded such kind of video online to promote its course, it has been more than a year since the first blindfolded trading video was uploaded to the internet, and many audience have questioned why he has to do it on historic chart but not a live chart from day one.

The school response is time would not be sufficient to do enough demonstration at live chart during preview if they have to impressive the attendee, that's why the coach uses historic chart. Also making a such marketing video also take a lot of time, then why not just uses the same amount of time to make a video to capture the screen of a live account with time stamp and apply the same trading skill again. At least, those people who is accusing him of playing magic trick will have the mouth shuts eventually.

At the end of the day, there is no point to keep on accusing this coach too, he likes to use a historic chart to market himself. For people who is not convinced can just walk away and don't sign up anything, gullible students will learn the lesson only when their accounts get burnt. As a normal people like us can't do too much if the government choose not to step in. I have attended the above school's preview on one of the recent Saturday. The trainer Jimmy does show us his live trading results, since till the very day before the preview date.

He downloaded his live results from the trading platform right in front of us, just like what one of the above comment suggested. Yes, the results are impressive, and I do believe it is real. So do I believe in his trading skill set, well at least I did at the preview, cause results is a credible way to show the proven skill set of his.

If anyone choose not to believe, they can always walk away. I personally find it very interesting and been to their preview. Yes they have done and perform their strategy on historical data. But can anyone else or any other trader perform at a chart at any time period chosen by any third party? How long will it take? Making videos people complain. Explain about it people complain. They tried their best to show their transparency also people bombard them.

U people really have everything to complain except yourself. But that is a fact and the truth that had been witness by many people with their own eyes. There are also preview-goers like me who personally checked the account and made sure its a live platform. As far as it is concern, his results is a proof of his skillfulness, trading on historical chart only shows the strategy that he is selling will work.

So what else do u people want? Since so skeptical, then shut the hell up, stop attending previews, and stop thinking about making a profit from Forex trading. Just keep your money in your bank or milo tin and be contented with it.

Hello, I am a student of the Trading Master featured in the video. I have seen my master performed it many times and also seen his live trading results, they are simply amazing. I have worked more than 20 years in corporate world; in an International Bank, been with 4 MNCs and a local telco. I think I am worth the salt to bear witness that this incredible performance is absolutely true and is no trick at all. I think the government cannot do anything to Jimmy Wong even if he was caught with two handphones in his pocket or his accomplice was caught.

He already said very clearly that his performance is a magic trick. Magic tricks are all fake. Plaintiffs will not have any case against him. Tan Choon Hong, you are right that the laws of probability will catch the trader up. But the Main difference is the coach can get a FREE funding from the school fee to speculate the market every month.

If the speculation is successful, it can be another good opportunities to market the school again. The principal is kept the school running, markets it in a right way, the free funding will come in every month. Can a normal singaporean affords to lost 24K in a month? Actually before we condemn anyone for any unethical action, does one has proof to justify that?

Did the informant see it with his own eyes that he is doing what he has described as unethical forex magic trick? If the informant is so dead sure that Jimmy from JF Lennon is doing all such unethical tricks, then this informant should have no qualms to report it to the Commercial Affairs Dept and let them to investigate JF Lennon.

I find it very strange here!!! Actually I also have done a research on JF Lennon and from their facebook JimmyFX page, it seems to me that the page is full of energy and with so many student celebrating their profit and loss as well. If he is really a scammer, I do not think you will see such happenings over there.

I too agree that there are scam schools out there and I think it will be good if all these so called Forex Guru can participate in a forex competition and then weed out all those unscrupulous forex school once and for all. This will definitely help the public in a big way. There are too many school marketers out there and fake testimonial on the web which makes this industry very messy Talk is cheap, for those student who claim the accounts grows healthy after the fx course, the best way to support their claim is to upload their last mths trading statement to the web , don't mask off the Account Number, Account Name etc Same thing goes to the coach, at least people can have a little knowledge whether the coach is teaching the same strategy that he used for marketing and whether the student can see the same trading opportunities as the coach does.

Jimmy Wong needs 2 hand phones to cheat, then he needs someone to sit at the side or back to scroll the chart fast and call with vibration him. Did anyone see that during all the previews? I saw one video where he scrolled the chart himself and trade instantly. The speed was fast. I think he can't afford the time to wait for call. I am not a student thus I am not sure did he teach what is related to his "magic".

He said he will only teach fine tune strategy to his students. I assumed he will still teach candlestick trading to his students but not his own full version? Student please correct me. If it is not related to his own skill set, example he uses pure candlestick to trade, and then teach students other strategy, then it is more possible he is trying to cheat to market his course. Did most students achieve that? I attended a school where the trainer said he is confident with his strategies.

Some of us did not hit the target and he did not do anything. It doesn't matter to me whether the school named above is a scam or real. I don't trade forex or at least I won't choose retail fx-broker as my counterparty if I intend to step into this market. I found many of the retail forex schools just paint a very nice picture to the student or selling a dream.

How many students did go to look for some statistics to try to understand this market before going for any course preview???? Must ask him how he handles the counterparty risk too!! Ask for a valid prove if the coach gives you the figures of these question. Lim Teck Huat, I agree with your views. What does it tell us, there is proof to the informant accusation, and nothing concrete to proof the video otherwise.

In this time and in Singapore, what we need are evidences. I have more than a decade of experience in the finance and banking industry, and involved in the wealth mgt business during the lehman brothers crisis, dealing with ABS and MAS as well My experiences have armed me with the skills to identify a scam school and real trading skill set.

Forex is just another investment tool. I do agree there are many scam schools out there advertising in the papers almost everyday, and their main income is from brokers commission. FxMaster Aug 28, Olla mrnoob , Aug 15, On me in two sentences! RCtrader , Aug 12, RCtrader Aug 12, Hola Amigos jeviarco , Aug 10, FxMaster Aug 10, Sive Morten Aug 24, Sive Morten Sep 14, at 3: Sive Morten Aug 31, Tsathya AsstModerator , Sep 3, AsstModerator Sep 13, at Sive Morten Sep 7, Sive Morten Sep 14, at 4: Warner , Sep 14, at Forex Lounge Diskusi dan obrolan Forex yang tidak masuk kategori analisa dan strategi.

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