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US retail sales miss but trade worries rise Forex news for North American trade on September 14, Big jump in the current estimate. Visit us at Web Summit You can get the pairs with real-time market data or get currency exchange rates data with source currency switching feature. There's been no reaction to this headline, which hit right at the top of the hour on Reuters.

Our Market Data Cloud platform is hosted in Amazon Web Services so scalability is not a concern. We handle billion client API calls each month.

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Securities markets information service. Electronic financial trading service. Suite of financial services. Stock quote and information service. Financial portfolio analysis service. Company Data Lookup Service. Historical Stock Price lookup service. Realtime tweets about stocks. Real-time idea network for investors and traders. Stock trading and investment service.

Financial Data Feed Service. Reference data for active and mature bonds. Bond price data service. Real time bonds price data service. Corporate actions data service. Earning calendar information service. Energy futures quotes service. Provides operating hours for world securities exchanges. Mutual fund holdings disclosure service. Corporate bond information service. Stock fundamentals lookup service. Real time international stock quotes. Closing prices for U. Closing index values for U.

Real-time corporate insider transactions. US financial market daily news updates. Market quotes for U. Options price quotes service. Global Securities Master Listing. Stock exchanges master company lists.

Earnings calls transcripts service. Volume-Weighted average stock price tracking. Symbol based watchlist management. Will this API be useful for me? Here's a good place to start if you're looking for historical data on stocks: You may be interested in taking a look at a Udemy course demonstrating the use of several of Yahoo's finance APIs.

If you need clean data to backtest strategies as precise as 1 minute interval, I would suggest to get a clean data source like http: They have both forex and stocks and it is ideal data for backtesting as they put their data in yearly files and simple to download from their site.

Maybe it suffices for your needs. Great developers are hard to find. Let Toptal match you with top developer talent for your next project. Start Now at toptal. Have you looked at UniTrader www. They offer a feed called UniFeed is a highly intelligent cross-platform real time application that provides an uninterrupted stream of real-time market prices and rates of more than highly volatile and speculative instruments. Each Market Maker understands the value of a good feed during major news and economic announcements especially when it comes to the OTC Markets.

Unifeed is here to help solve daily feed issues. One can use UniFeed as a main feed or an addition to your existing feed. Millisecond based protection from price spikes with custom configuration filters for every instrument. Real time back up of all Data channels received from different price sources. Ability to set different types of spreads for instruments fixed and variable.

Convenient web-toolbar, easy to use interface for tuning of the system. Unitrader is a product of my employer, BMFN.

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Is there any really reliable currency exchange rate feed API provider with uptime at least

Forex news for North American trade on September 14, 2018:

Feb 24,  · Price Feed APIs. This is a discussion on Price Feed APIs within the Forex forums, part of the Markets category; Any recommendations for a free reliable forex price feed API such that you can get tick by tick data into. Forex Data API The ForexFeed Data API is a portable Application Programming Interface (API), or code library, useful for common data retrieval functions. The API is available in several common programming languages including dotNET, Java, PHP and Perl. The Forex Market is standardly referred to as the foreign exchange market, or more commonly, the FX market. Forex markets are based upon trading currencies, and this currency exchange is entirely dependent upon the current prices for each.