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And after this post ""My First Amigurumi" Pattern". The latest version of Skype for Windows and Mac will now include the content creators mode. Johnssd2 Sep 7, It is essential to understand your calorie consumption for weight reduction to be able to have effective weight loss program. I'm at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4! How do I edit a classified ad?

Dec 21,  · I am using this 4 Hour strategy only for the last month(Jan) as I have papertraded for 2 years trying everything and or system I could find.

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Serious inquiries only please. If shipped will be shipped i This is an opportunity to get a beautiful cartridge at a very reasonable price. Purchased from a fellow Audiogoner last year for a 3rd tonearm that I recently sold, this rebuilt Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua sounds wonderful. This is the much more expensive model with a Fieldcoil driver. A better Speaker in every way than the Due with AlniCo driver!

The Powersupplys for the Fieldcoil -driver can be used worldwide And are included in the Stands! The speakers were bought in May f This is a beautiful and very clean, single owner Halo JC-2 preamplifier. It is just back from Parasound factory service. They installed a new volume control and fully tested the unit.

They tell me it is working "like new". It's the original JC-2 model without the AV bypass feature. It's been used in We can swap posts and shelves OPPO is considered the value of the century by many in the hobby. I have certainly enjoyed mine very much. The president of a nearby audiophile society actually uses an OPPO for his primary source. This one has very low hours, I don't use it for movies or as a primary source, only for concerts really. I probably have less than hour of actually wa This is an excellent preamp I purchased new in January.

I am the original owner and it is in great condition. It is very competitive with preamps costing twice as much. It is very musical but passes incredible detail. Lifelike reproduction with Avantgarde Trios. Why am I selling? I purchased this new, along with a pair of MA9S2 amps and the associated preamp.

Really loved the amps, sold the preamp fairly soon and was a bit disappointed in the SACD player. She said it would compete with anything in the K price range. As it happens, she was correct.

Not interested in any trades. A fabulous Dac designed and built by the brilliant Benjamin Zwickel. The design deviates from the cheaper and normal use of a Sabre chip and some other relatively inexpensive Dac chip to the use of a R2R chip a far more costly chip.

When using a R2R chip in a NOS format , it results in a much more natural and non fatiguing sound , yet keeps all the det Up for sale is my Antipodes DX Gen 2 music server with 2. I got this from Mike Powell and it is fantastic but has a little bit of wear on the edges of the faceplate. This runs Roon will need to purchase your own liscense or Squeezelite free and has a very analog sound, by far the best music server I have heard in my system.

It can also rip CDs which makes l At a whooping 42 pounds, this work of art is an astonishing engineering marvel and is built like a tank, with gorgeous aesthetics, and musicality to die for.

The photographs are of t This massive and stunningly great preamplifier is the very best that Musical Fidelity made and is one of the very best sounding preamplifiers in the world. These had a very limited production. Only 75 were produced. They are rare and very hard to come by. The key point is as per Anderson - lawfulness of Saxo Bank's adjustment of their clients' transaction prices after the transactions were concluded.

You must show the world or court that saxo has a history of unlawful adjustments even before the chf saga. It is indeed appalling that it is a pro business jurisdiction such as Denmark that raise concerns about saxo' business practices and nor a socialist jurisdiction such as China Has competitive devaluation distracted China fromi hs goal of being a superpowe?

A train can be derailed if it is not careful with what the world respects. Afterall , it has been accused of currency manipulation by the Americans, was it not the case?

Now it is the time to show who is an acceptable dealer of the Chinese yuan?.. Will China be a superpowe? It does not even card when it's currency is being manipulated In the letter, dated Feb. Saxo continued accepting orders, but then told clients in e-mails seen by Bloomberg it would execute their trades at less favorable prices than those initially shown. The bank published a list of those prices some 12 hours later.

Chief Financial Officer Steen Blaafalk said in an interview later the same month that Saxo was expecting some clients to sue because of its decision to reprice. Saxo sent the letter to the FSA after the regulator ordered the bank to provide a detailed report of its handling of franc trades on Jan.

The bank also says that, even if it had decided to stop accepting franc trade orders, clients would have had access to the market through other channels.

Part of the problem for Saxo on Jan. Those financial institutions also rejected trade requests and ceased to quote prices, Saxo said in the letter. The franc appreciated on Jan.

Margin Calls Saxo said it first focused on closing the mounting number of accounts that were breaching margin requirements as the franc soared in value. Then, the bank tried to notify clients through pop-up alerts and e-mails that it was closing positions and would reprice trades, according to the letter to the FSA. The correspondence was provided by the Danish FSA as part of the same freedom-of-information request through which the Saxo letter was obtained.

If currency was traded on central exchange , would saxo be allowed to gain legal rights believed to be theirs? Even if clients wanted market access elsewhere , would saxo release funds fast enough for them to do so. Would another participant be also quick enough to complete the formalities required?

CB surprise is not all uncommon. How can you ahem open a casino and then shift people's bet to red after the wheel stopped at black simply because nobody wants red - what's more there are people who told you that if it lands on black , I only want to lose this amount and not sink into emotional distress.

Was the infliction intended? That is for a court of law to decide. Agree that China should action before offsprings such as trading bucket. In fact, every jurisdiction should detail what is acceptable so as to be A broker of their currency. Do you really want one whose business plan is to avoid insurance costs thru clever lawyers? Cracks were already beginning to appear in Q4 Glad to have read this blog as i'm currently practicing the saxo bank demo trader GO platform.

I just noticed that every time i put in a position eurousd , and every time i try to close the position, the profit im getting becomes short e. I'm doing the demo 3 days back straight, SB platform is quite different from zulutrade in my observation. Wish to get feedback on whats happening on my trade, am i losing or gaining? They have embedded their " risk " management framework into the system. Whether it is fair to you is non of their concern.

To wipe out your account can be their objective as they often can be your counterparty. The conflict of interest is unregulated. When it comes push to shove and you stand in front of the judge , you will be painted as one who takes on excessive risk and their risk Managment framework serves protects them even thou it is unfair. You can be sure your margin would not be enough when speculative drives from their properitry trading hits.

They can calculate how much it takes for retail FX to hit their net stop loss. Hi, I am a client and also have a bigger problem with a broker named banco carregosa, which is connected to saxobank.

In time I will disclose everything online. Binary Option Trading Tool. John Hempton you shock me, your actually a complete moron who has no idea how the OTC foreign exchgange market works.

You see john most good forex brokers hedge thier custome trades with a bank, in the case of the SNB shock many banks ammended the prices of the fills they gave brokers hence the brokers passed these price ammendements on.

Its not uncommon for banks to leave "stale quotes" in the market especially when a big move occurs. Why oh why are you a hedge fund manager John Hempton? You dont even know how the market operates. The content contained in this blog represents the opinions of Mr.

You should assume Mr. Hempton and his affiliates have positions in the securities discussed in this blog, and such beneficial ownership can create a conflict of interest regarding the objectivity of this blog. Statements in the blog are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and other factors.

Certain information in this blog concerning economic trends and performance is based on or derived from information provided by third-party sources. Hempton does not guarantee the accuracy of such information and has not independently verified the accuracy or completeness of such information or the assumptions on which such information is based. Such information may change after it is posted and Mr. Hempton is not obligated to, and may not, update it.

The commentary in this blog in no way constitutes a solicitation of business, an offer of a security or a solicitation to purchase a security, or investment advice. In fact, it should not be relied upon in making investment decisions, ever. It is intended solely for the entertainment of the reader, and the author.

In particular this blog is not directed for investment purposes at US Persons. Friday, January 16, It is time to close Saxo Bank down. Saxo Bank is a retail foreign exchange trading bank. The idea of forex trading as a retail product is mildly offensive any way. Once we are better able to establish true market liquidity, all executed fills will be revisited, and will be revised and amended to more accurate levels. This may result in a worse execution rate than the originally filled level.

If Saxo quoted the wrong price the problem is Saxo's systems. Instead Saxo is just stealing from its clients. It did a deal and they traded at a rate - and they are rewriting that deal to suit them. Theft is the right word. Small Cap Visitatori. Mercati Europei 4 Visitatori. Wall Street 27 Visitatori. Obbligazioni, Titoli di Stato Visitatori.

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Sep 05,  · I am highly elated for your anointed words showered on me. You are not just a mentor but a father. That sickness that attacked you is a failure and shall perish in Jesus name. Jul 31,  · These things are quite/very subjective. I would say that they may make difference between a beginner and a profi or a good trader and an excellent one. Jun 28,  · UJ decline accelerates to The MA at was taken out without hesitation. The bias remains on the downside and furter fall could would be seen to MA (Weekly) at