PSO2 JP: Item Trading Passwords for PC Players

Upon accessing the new trading system via Darvo or terminal in his shop, to help prevent overcrowding around the access point , you'll be presented with three options: Still want to hold an auction? Thank them for their time! Best you can do is put it on shop and have him buy it, then trade the money back. I propose that he and his shop be the location of the new Trading Post. Your email address will not be published. You can send the same message to up to 3 people at a time.

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Affix Simulator 1 2. Forgot trade password, can't reset self. I'm having kind of a huge problem When I started playing the game I set up a trading password by clicking on the numbers and remembering the order I clicked them in. What I didn't know is that the game shuffles the board every time Now I can't use the shops.

I tried to reset the password, but the connection gets refused every time even when using a proxy, most likely because it's ssl? I was able to initiate a reset request by asking a Japanese friend to help me. Another option is to do the Amazon virtual server thing and use that to route you to pso2.

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Partner Card Up to people you can exchange your partner card. You can only trade items with people on your partner card. You can exchange mail with people you partner carded with. You can send the same message to up to 3 people at a time. Item Trader Located in the Cafe, players can trade items with each other.

However, you can not exchange items of A and S Rank. You can only exchange items with someone in your partner card. Grinding System You can no longer grind weapons with Grinders You can grind weapons with meseta. The amount of meseta you spend depends on grade and the phase of grinding.

A weapon can grind 10 phases. The weapon can evolve once this is done. Final Grinding Evolution When you reach this point several changes occur. A weapon may change appearance. For example those meat weapons in psp1 Weapons with lower grades can evolve to S grade.

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PSO2 JP: Item Trading Passwords for PC Players on PSUBlog | Starting September 4th, PC players will have the ability to set up an item trading password. It is an extra security measure that prevents unauthorized item transactions among compromised accounts. PC players who are not taking advantage of. Trading 11* weapons submitted 4 years ago by omgthisisrandom So me and some friends just got premium in hopes that we could trade our 11* weapons to each other. Some trading systems have a magnifying glass beside them meaning you can drill deeper into the system. A Quick Summary on our Methodology The stock analysis for Pearson, Plc (PSO) is based on the analysis and stock picks of our best trading systems.