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Does this really make any sense to you? The colors are off which is disappointing! The answer is Yes. If you have tried a BB Squeeze or any other squeeze indicator, they are not the same. When a trend develops, always take signals from a shorter term indicator in the direction of a longer term direction.

Trading System Software with non-lagging Indicators for TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, and MCFX Pro. Works on all markets and all time frames. Live Training on Options Strategies with very High Returns every month.

Past Predictions for PBF Energy Inc. (PBF)

The high win rate is just the beginning. Many systems on the market today use either too fast or lagging indicators. Normally fast indicators get you in a trade sooner, but they are noisy and choppy, give too many false signals, and almost not tradable; lagging indicators are smoother and able to filter out some noises, but often give late signals which increase your risk and reduce your profit potential. Fast, to give you an early entry at the very beginning of a reversal with minimum risk, yet Smooth, to filter out noises and false signals along the way for maximum profit.

This, coupling with our unique approach to pair a faster and a more stable indicator in each department, makes our system superior to the others with a very high success rate. Each indicator serves its purpose for the system with no conflicting signals. Our system works on all markets and time frames, and suits all trading styles. It offers many trading opportunities throughout the day. This is how we like to trade, and this is what these indicators are designed to do.

Trade the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo for consistent profits with proven easy to learn Ichimoku trading strategies and simple to use Ichimoku trading software. You get Pages Full of trading lessons, illustrated examples, and proven step-by-step Ichimoku strategies you can put to use instantly! The E-Course will show you exactly what to do to make consistent pips utilizing the incredible Ichimoku indicator.

You will learn precisely when to get in and when to get out. As well as how to protect and manage your money. Just by appearances alone, many find the Ichimoku intimidating. The E-Course does not merely explain the basics of the Ichimoku that you can find anywhere online , it explains in detail the exact unique strategies and methodology we have proven to work.

We show you from beginning to end what you need to know, and do, to successfully trade with Ichimoku. Trading is no joke, and we take it very seriously. And if you are like us — this is your job! But if you are using the same trading methodologies that everyone else is, with useless indicators and the same old charts with outdated and inaccurate software programs how can you possibly expect to make profits?

There is an instinctive nature to want to huddle with the masses. Unfortunately, the cold hard fact is the masses always lose. Trading with the same techniques and indicators that everyone else is using can never work in the long run. Simply put, when too many traders use the same system at the same time, it renders it ineffective. Ichimoku on the other hand, is rarely used. But our E-Course will show you how! Would you prefer Trading Software to do all the work for you?

If you are a Forex trader, an automated trading system with unshakable discipline is your best bet to win more trades. The market was not trending. So if you don't book your profits in time and try to make gains like the above trades, you will lose it all. As I have not traded for over two weeks during the holidays, I made tiny trades to see if I still have my "touch". Interestingly my entries were okay, but my exits seemed to be perfect!

The market was obviously trading in a range. Tell me, how do you lose money? I don't think so. If you find one, kindly drop me a line and let me know, please! Let the charts do the talking, so we don't have to!

But we do anyway I am sure you have heard these a million times: It is impossible to pick tops and bottoms of the markets not that I recommend that you do, but Look at the chart below. What does it say about these two things?

Not that our system never loses a trade. But there are over charts on the website from all markets and time frames. See how many losing trades you could find. Depending on your risk tolerance and trading style, you don't have to take all 16 signals. But if you do, they are all winners anyway. If you didn't take partial profits according to the Paint Bar, FMA, or OSOB indicator at the bottom which often catches the tops and bottoms of the market, especially in a range bound market and re-enter or scale in with the trend, let's say you just enter one contract according to the signal, and reverse your position when you get a signal to go in the opposite direction, can you help us count how much profits one could have made on the next 4 charts?

Happens all the time really! Those are older charts, because I quickly lost my interest after that. First, all in, all out. In the market all day, reverse or re-enter when necessary.

Very simple and straightforward. It doesn't have the huge drawdown associated with many so-called automated systems out there. Or something a bit more complicated, with "build-in" money management, "super-power-artificial-intelligence-multi-leg-scale-out" system. Now, let me show you something I have some screen shot saved for Forex markets, they worked there, too. But I am not going to post them, I think you get the idea.

I am not selling them. I have a rule. If I don't use something in my live account, I don't share them. And I have never traded any of these live. Like you, I am skeptical. Even though I coded these myself and watched them work in front of my own eyes, I am still skeptical! I still believe if one learns how to trade properly, human brain can beat any computer programs.

Not to mention the drawdown with automated systems, which I hate with all my heart I am posting those screen shots not because I want to sell them or start a subscription service. Computers don't think, they just do. Lastly, if I don't want to sell you these strategies, what are the odds you think I would actually share the code of the indicators with you?

Pretty slim I will say, so please don't ask for it, either. Under no circumstance will I share even part of the code with you. This was from a customer who just purchased our indicator package: K… mmmm how to put this….

Are you kidding me?????? Please check out my screen capture! Hoping to get the other indicators on by the end of the week. From the same customer above after trading the system for five consecutive days, no losing day in a 5-day run: Ok, I know you're probably getting sick of me praising you guys, but I continued to be amazed at how effective your indicators are.

I'm confident I can continue my success with just those two indicators, but based on the confidence I've gained from your products I have to give the Holy Grail a try. We have purchased and subscribed to many systems and indicator packages on the market today before developed our own. We have posted more than enough charts on the website to prove that. Just wanted to applaud you for a product that delivers what the developers claim!! The system is easy to understand and since I've been using it, it has more than paid for the cost of the entire indicator package.

The support from PBF is very prompt and they are eager to answer any questions that arise. It now seems that I expect to take profit rather than hope to take profit. This is truly a great product!!! Umm yesterday I took 8 points in one hit, caught the majority of the down move!!!!

Also took 6 points in premarket, not a bad day in the office!! The trend trade is awesome, I went to bed with nearly 20 points last night, I haven't made this in 1 week before!!!

Tonight I scaled the signals all the way down for 1. I scalped a bit here and there, all the same, bit more commission today but so what!!! I trade for 2 hours maximum, that's my limit during US trade, I keep an eye on the premarket 2 hours before the open to see if anything is happening also. Pre market works great with the signals as it is slow and easy to pick. Thanks a million Mitch C. Your system is working beyond expectations.

No losing daysnot even near. First of all thanks for another big winner day thanks to the help of the squeeze. I trade so much more relaxed now thanks to your indicator and the divergences are fantastic also. I have been trading off and on for 6 years and have definitely put more money into the market than I have pulled out. None reliably worked and I always seemed to lose money.

Before we start, we would like to point out that three things on this website are guaranteed: Charts on this website were picked at random. We do not cherry-pick charts and only show you what have worked. As you will see, there are some pretty ugly charts on the website. If you are still not convinced by these charts, and think they are "too good to be true", you are welcome to request charts from any day, any specific hours, any symbol, any time frame, from the worst trading day you have ever experienced, to compare with whatever expensive systems you are trading with right now.

We do not do that. We designed those indicators, first and foremost, for our own trading. We certainly don't want to confuse ourselves. Our indicators have two main characters that are responsible for the success of the system. Normally, fast indicators are noisy and choppy, they give too many false signals and they are almost not tradeable, for you never know which signal will work out. Smooth indicators are usually lagging. They are able to filter out some noises caused by price action, but they often give late signals which increase your risk.

Our indicators are fast AND smooth. Fast to give you an early entry with minimum risk , smooth to filter out noises along the way for maximum profit.

Our system works in any market conditons. Many trading systems and indicator packages on the market today all have one thing in common: That, to us, is late to the party and not safe at all. If this "new trend" is short-lived, which we have no way of knowing until after the fact, that means very likely you are buying the tops or selling the bottoms.

If this is also your idea of trading, you need to study our trading system and get the indicator package. We know every one claims the same thing on the internet, but we are different, and we post more than enough charts here to prove that. Compare our charts with theirs and you will see the obvious differences. We encourage visitors to request charts from us and compare with what they have.

Very often, we found when PBF traders are exiting, the other systems using lagging indicators have just "confirmed" the new "trend", and finally generated an entry signal. Our Squeeze indicator often gives signals bars sooner than the other well-known Squeeze indicator.

Our powerful trading rules allow you to enter a position even before the Squeeze "fires up", which you will not be able to do with the other Squeeze due to its lagging and imprecise nature.

This is our idea of trading, this is how we like to trade, and this is what those indicators are designed to do. We locked ourselves in the lab, working very hard for a very long period of time to come up with these indicators for our own trading. Obviously, we didn't realize what we have created until we started sharing them, and receiving so many wonderful feedbacks from satisfied happy customers, especially from veteran traders who own many other expensive systems and indicator packages.

It makes us proud to see that they have abandoned these expensive systems and indicators, and trade with our indicators exclusively. These indicators don't give conflicting signals. Rather, one may serve as a filter for another, a "heads-up", or a confirmation. When everything aligns, the probability of winning is very high.

We do not like to plot indicators to clutter our charts, rather, we want more information in the main indicators we trade with. The Moving Averages are also a critical part of the system and serve as an important filter. We use them to help us identify the market structure and price action at a glance in real time higher lows, lower highs, etc. They are also good places to draw trendlines just "connect the dots" and trail stops. The TrendBars might keep you in a trade longer, while the OSOB does an amazing job in finding tops and bottoms of the markets, especially in a non-trending market.

They are designed as a whole to work together, each one serves its purpose very well. We don't throw out random, lagging and useless indicators one by one, while one has little or nothing to do with another. Then we custom designed these indicators for the system. Our indicators have low lag, if not non-lagging. They reflect the price actions quickly and faithfully. We created these indicators for our own trading. We never thought one day we would share these indicators and the system with others.

We started this website by accident. Read our interesting story on " About Us " page. We found out that Wall Street has been kind of a nudist beach - Warren Buffett. Only having them for one week, I am making significant improvements in my trading.

You simply have no idea how revolutionary your indicators have been to my trading and ultimately how helpful they have been in my efforts to provide for my family. A million thank you's would be insufficient. I love your thinking here, you have nailed this. You took extraordinarily complicated things and sliced and diced them down to the most essential, effective and visually most useful! I am not saying this as some kind of neophyte but as someone who actually makes a very good living from trading.

You crach me up with the "I don't like drawdown" and such. I'm always saying that to my trading buddy and he's always sternly admonishing me that it's "just part of trading. Your indicators helped me take profitable trades in the morning and late afternoon 47 ticks!!!

And the most important part of it is that it helped us stay away from all the rest of the day Thanks This was the best purchase ever made! Congratulations on a wonderful product! It is evident that you have put much time, effort and personal pride into your Holy Grail indictor.

I am amazed how accurate it is in putting you immediately on the right side of the trade. Just wanted to send a quick note on the PBF indicators I have bought.

I have to tell you that it has made a significant difference in my trading in only a few short days. It literally has kept me out of trouble, and has kept me in the right direction.

Thanks again for all the help in answering my questions and concerns before and after the purchase. You have always without exception answered my emails promptly. Creators of these indicators without a doubt know how markets work and to code the indicators that work so well , another word comes to mind I want you to know that when I say Thank you I have used so many different indicators and ocillators.

None have even been close to the accuracy and timeliness of the squeeze and PBF direction. I had used an ocillator that I had purchased and was satisfied with until I purchased the squeeze. I ran them both on my charts and was amazed at how the squeeze would react sooner and make calls that my other ocillator didn't pick up Also I would like to commend you on your excellent service.

Everytime I have had a question or a situation my e mail was answered very quickly and completely. James De Roze, Springfield, Illinois. Within days of getting the Squeeze I realised those examples on the site are not picked at random to "look good" you pick any market, any day and the setups are there time and time again How you can charge so little for something this awesome is beyond me.

After years of "hit and miss" trading, t he Squeeze has enabled me to now expect to win time and again, day in, day out. I cannot thank you enough for the Squeeze and for your ongoing support. You really change my trading career now!! I wish that I can take you to the pub for works well done: I have just now finished studying your email and going over the website areas you suggested there is much more studying to be done. Again, I am amazed and grateful that you would take so much time to think through and give such great guidance as you did.

Although there is certainly no implied obligation to counsel those who have purchased from you, your willingness to help is unique among those who sell indicators besides your indicators are the best and hugely appreciated. I've had 4 winners out of 5 so far today and I chickened out prematurely on that one, I'd have had 5 winners if I'd held. I wasn't around for the bigger moves, this was just trading the shallow trends up and down on a 50 tick with the single fast EMA and the Squeeze, for 20 point targets in the book on CL.

I am actually making money with ES. That is something I was not able to do after spending a lot of money on other not so great indicators and bad advise. Wish there were more people like you in this trading world! PBF has completely change my life and the way I trade! Before discovering PBF, I was as good as trading blindly.

That's when I bought the whole package even though my TradeStation account was not even opened yet. I've read many books and attended many seminars that cost thousands of dollars. Nothing can be compared with PBF indicators! So far I have not had a losing day! The email support is superb and friendly! These are indicators invented by a trader who uses the indicators himself to trade for a living!

Keep up the good work! I would be glad to give you a testimonial, It wouldn't be hard to write one. Your email response time is top notch, I have never experienced the detail and mentoring in your emails from other vendors in the past. Even after I purchased the indicator package, your email responses are more than a quick response to a question, they are very detailed and inspiring, every single question was answered all the time.

This is what customer service is all about! As far as your actual indicators, so far so good. I have only traded in Sim with your indicators and all I can say is wow. I haven't really mastered them yet, and the first day trading with them is a complete success, and I didn't even get in at the correct fills like I was suppose to.

If I were to fire off these trades when the indicators lined up, then my sim results would be 10 times better. I don't want to sound like a broken sales guy, but really, It doesn't matter if you go with PBF or not.

The most important thing is, I have the PBF indicators. I thank everyone that do not have the PBF indicators, because trading is a zero-sum game. With the indicators, I will win most of the time, so thank you for giving me your money. But really, I could go on and on about this stuff. I am so glad I have found PBF. For once in my trading life, I feel that I now control my trading, I don't have to rely on another chat room to tell me to take a trade.

Now I know when to take the trade, and at a better fill than those other so called guru's. Have you ever emailed those other guru's? One or two lines? Just go through the PBF web site, have you noticed a ton of information and details, and lets not forget those charts.

All those charts and then some. And to PBF, this will not be the only testimonial from me. Just wait till I trade with my live account with your indicators. PBF, If anyone one asks, you can give them my email address. Just logged on and snagged a total of 57 points on GC with 2 contracts and I'm done for the day after 30 minutes.

I have been profitable 9 days in a row now , day trading the GC. Learning not to be greedy and not over trading. Learning how to be patient and just take what I see now. So PBF, thank you for these sets of indicators, I am on my way to gain back most of my losses that I have taken with my other useless lagging 3rd party indicators and trading chat rooms.

Hats off to you, and have fun in Hawaii later this month, you sure earned it! I've been investing for 27 years, equities mainly.

I've been utilizing PBF tools for a bit over a year. PBF has made a huge difference in my day trading which almost had a short life, had it not been for PBF. The month prior to finding PBF was a nasty 5 digit loss. My first month after using PBF, was a very decent 5 digit positiveand, it's been a consistent trading experience since then. Now, I'm looking to have an adjunct to day trading that makes passive money while I'm day trading, vacationing, or just spending time with the family.

I started trading full time shortly after utilizing PBF indicators. I have 2 young children ages 4 and 6. It's been very nice not to have to commute and be able to see more of my family. I had started to feel that being a day trader was going to be a short-lived hobby.

I'm glad I stuck with it and found PBF. I would like to say that after a lot of research and questions to the PBF support team I decided to purchase the squeeze. After purchasing it, a short time later I received the indicator. It was very easy to install and was adaptable to ANY time frame.

It works in long trending and short term trades, with ANY time frame Not only does it work just as stated but the customer service is second to none Most people or companies sell you their stuff and then dont show support but PBF does offer great support. I am now sold on the entire PBF program s and will be purchasing more as time goes on. I am thoroughly impressed, marvelously thrilled, and totally satisfied! What we do that others do not: We post charts after charts with clear signals to demonstrate how our system is superior than the others.

We have charts from all markets: Stocks, Futures, Forex; and all time frames: Tick charts, Volume Charts, Minute charts, Daily charts, etc. If only one or two charts are shown, we have reasons to believe they are cherry-picked. From our own experiences, we certainly have difficulties spending any money on something like that.

Don't waste your money on something that doesn't work, no matter what the price tag is. Money should not be the main consideration when it comes to trading tools and education. It is trading we are talking about after all. We all know how much money can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. We answer emails and provide support promptly , in the spirit of Traders help Traders, often within the hours upon the closing of the US Futures markets.

The opposite could be true: The more one steals from others , the more one pays back to the markets. We are traders ourselves, we use the same indicators to trade. In most cases, you do have to wait till after 4 PM EST to hear from us, as trading is still our priority. But no questions will be left unanswered. Many testimonials from our custoerms will vouch for this. The system is fairly easy to understand and the signals are clearly defined.

However, if you need any further assistance or would like to discuss the nuances of the system, we will always be happy to exchange ideas with you. What others do that we do not: We do not do hard sales. There is a lot of information on this website accompanied by a lot of charts for you to review.

We suggest that you read every page and study the charts, so you can make an educated decision on which indicator s better fit your needs. These charting examples should clearly illustrate how effective the system is. The charts do the sales so we don't have to. You have all the reasons and rights to be skeptical. But if you don't think or believe it can be done, it probably can't be done for you. We do not collect email addresses or mailing lists.

Anything we want to share will be either in the manuals, or posted on the " Trading Tips " page of this website. If you send us an email asking for charts or questions, you will always get an answer. We are not affiliated with anyone else. There is no "second chance offer", there is no "anniversary sale", there is no "happy birthday coupon".

If you don't email us, we don't even know that you exist. We do not hire salesmen who don't know how to trade to answer your questions. We answer emails ourselves, often in great details. We are traders who think we might have found something that's worth sharing, not a big company selling over-priced indicators as a main business. Your site seems very compelling, honest, and complete. That is what I appreciated about it the most.

I will say that initially, I passed over it because it looked from the initial glance first impression as a site sort of thrown together. But once I started reading and looking at the charts I knew that it wasn't a site without significant depth. Then, as I read everything else on your site, I realized how you did business and made no apologies for the fact that you are traders first, developers second. I greatly appreciated that and the no-apologies approach to your method of communication.

I am glad that you are willing to share your indicators. I am so glad to have discovered your web site and the powerful Squeeze and Holy Grail indicators I have gone from a trader with mostly consistent loses to a trader with mostly consistent wins.

Thank you again for your masterpieces. You have helped me more than what I can possibly say. I am deeply indebted to you for creating such powerful tools. I just wanted to let you know that your indicator's and the "Squeeze" in particular are the greatest things I've found in more than 40 year's of trading. I've had a measure of success over the years but have never really felt fully confident when making trade entries.

However I can honestly say that the "Squeeze" has now overcome that problem for me I now feel fully confident of making a high percentage of successful entries. When the "Squeeze" is used with confirmation from the "OSOB" over sold over bought indicator it's sheer dynamite. Can't thank you enough PBF. Joe Platt Branson, Missouri. Screen capture posted on the Testimonial page. Thank you for being so unselfish as to distribute these indicators to others.

I really appreciate that Using your Squeeze indicator, I've finally found something that I really like for scalping, or for initiating an intended longer term trade off a lower time frame signal.

The Squeeze indicator really is very very good. I can't believe how powerful it is. I've been studying it the last couple of days and you could essentially make a killing just looking for divergences between the squeeze and price. I cannot tell you how much easier trading will be for me having this baby around. I was certainly finding it very difficult grappling with the various technical indicators available out there I no longer needed to sift through umpteen number of indicators to test the outcomes I had found the key to successful trading in your simple, easy to follow indicator tools.

They not only delivered successful results for me, but within a very short space of time I was confidently trading like a pro. What's more PBF delivers what no other similar business out there does - real value added service - the personal support and timely guidance that I received from PBF is truly commendable Hence hoping to leave my job imminently to get me out of the hell and into the dream of trading full time for my living Here are some of my observations.

I believe it was Einstein who said, " If you think education is expensive, try ignorance ". While this is not an educational service and we are not qualified Investment Advisors, using the right tools will help you get the results you want. You can either invest a small sum of money for the best tools on the market today, and make profits day after day for the rest of your trading career, or you can trade with expensive yet confusing indicators that don't live up to their price tags, and pay your tuition to the market.

The indicators offered here are the best we have seen, and believe me when I say we have seen a lot. Some of them may look similar but they are completely different! Lines, dots, histograms, what else can you do? The bottom line is, they WORK! These indicators are easy to use and designed to be intuitive. They only clutter our charts and make a mess! Most of other companies, however, have dozens of pages and thousands of words telling you how great their indicators are with outrageous price tags, but only show you one or two charts, if at all, to "illustrate".

We thought about leasing our indicators like some others do, but chose not to have the burden of re-coding each indicators every month for every one, and just focus on growing our own trading accounts. Your indicator is spot on with every symbol or time frame I have thrown at it. These indicators are really neat.

I am a very visual person trained as an architect and I can quickly scan to see what's going on and then zero in on the stuff that I need to focus on -- like a divergence or a break in direction. I no longer have to make comparisons between bars as I had to with my other indicators. The redundancy of non-similar analyses only further increases the validity of the combination of signals in the system.

Wish I had come across your site months ago. It would have saved some pain and money It also gets you in early, sometimes very very early. The itunnel and 2ems keep you in a trade and the 3fast ma are fantastic for scalping. The scalp indicator is also quicker than the other one. I have now stopped using the other squeeze and indicators and now use these. Unfortunately for myself I did not purchase your system at that time and I continued to use my system with marginal success.

After reviewing my records,, Panit Bar Factory,, crossed my desk again There was no confusion on identifying the signals and the system is very easy to use. You have really simplified trading for me. I look forward to buying more of your indicators Dom, Boca Raton, Florida. I just want you to know how much I really appreciate what you have created and this is going to do wonders for my confidence One good turn deserves another, you are more than welcome to post my email on your web site I cannot praise you enough for your help and efforts I just wish I had found you a long time ago.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have been experimenting with your indicators for a couple of months now and am finally seeing some consistency Your system and indicators are by far the simplest and easiest to read I probably would have seen better results sooner had I not made the mistake of trying to combine with another system.

After completely switching to PBF indicators and just adding fibs from a previous system, I saw drastic results. After arranging indicators to please my eye and finding the timeframes that suited my style, I began seeing consistency. Even better than that is the confidence I have pulling the trigger Your response time needs a little improvement.

I think I have said this before, but you guys at PBF go way above and beyond your call of duty. Your after sales service is exceptionally good. I cannot sing your praises enough.

Being a teacher by trade among other things , I take my own lesson here in regards to once you understand the rules it all looks so easy. And indeed, those divergences and trendlines just pop out at you once you have trained your eye. I am still using the squeeze and it has my trading so much better.

The manual for the moving averages is worth the money on its own Again, I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice since my first order in January Wishing you all the best for the future Not bad for the first day!

I traded the "YM" and the "6E". So far I love your program! Thanks for all your help. Which chart is easier to trade with? To trade without confusing and false signals makes my trading much easier and much more profitable. Also your indicator works in real time without lagging price action which is what i was looking for.

Great product and support The effort, though frustrating at times, was definitely worth it. Thanks again for your excellent indicators. Many, many thanks for your help, support and quick replies to my emails. Looking forward to your strategy and future updates and products.

Simply can't thank you enough , It is greatly appreciated. By the way, your indicators are worth more than gold. All support questions have been answered promptly and within the same day!

As a purchaser of many indicators and trading systems over the years, I can honestly say that if you can't make money with these indicators, then you can't make money with anybody elses either! It doesn't take long to become comfortable with what these indicators are showing you! Just want to let you know, in the last few weeks I am batting about 90 percent! Questions and concerns are answered quickly and efficiently.

The Squeeze indicator stands in it 's own class of technical indicators for traders. I feel every trader should be utilizing this non lagging indicator in their tool box. It is the mainstay of my success in the markets today. Thank you again Paintbarfactory team. Don't take my word for it, but listen to the hype salesman on a stock TV then put PBF to test, you will make your money against so called experts on TV. You have created some really brilliant, accurate indicators here.

I can't wait until I get really skilled at using the PBF indicators if this is what a few days is like. I have been trading over 15 years and am familiar with almost all types of indicators, methods, courses, systems etc.

I'm convinced quickly of the efficiency of the indicators and of the great work and research you put into them. Sign me up for Holy Grail. Getting the notification early, gives me a better chance of having a winning trade. You are always there to support and answer the questions that I have about your indicators as well.

I'm very comfortable recommending your indicators to anyone who trades on a regular basis. While there is no Holy Grail in trading, the right set of indicators and system can, and will help you get the results you want! Every other day you'd hear about someone cracking the "secrets". There is no secrets in trading, only hard work. Although we think our indicator package is the best one can find, we will not tell you that you can just take every signals from every dots, every color changes and every turns, and you will be a millionaire overnight.

It doesn't work that way. Don't let any one else tell you otherwise, either. If the "green light, red light" system works, we'd all be rich by now. Trading is a tough business, and our job is to make it a bit easier for you. We have done the most difficult part so you don't have to.

You still have to learn how to interpret the signals and act on them when the opportunities present themselves, while managing your risk. The market only does 3 things, it either goes up, down, or sideways. There is no 4th possibility. All you have to do is buy when the market is about to go up, short when the market begins to move down, and stay away when it's not going anywhere.

Once in a trade, manage the position with proper trailing stops until the markets get you out for maximum profits. Study the charts posted throughout this website and learn the setups, so you will have confidence, and act without hesitation and emotion when the timing is right.

I have used most of the expensive professional grade indicators that are available on Tradestation. The first night after receiving the package from PDF, I compared their indicators against what I have been using for years. The PBF package is obviously superior than others. The signals get me in early enough in a move , and I am really impressedwith the 3 setups that come with the indicators , especially the level 2 setup I can identify real deals vs.

The Squeeze is definitely on my top 2 list. Their customer support is also excellent. They answer my questions promptly, often within the hour. My experience with them so far has been excellent.

With the help of the indicators, I was able to make the money I spent on them back in 2 days, without any stress. Keep up the good job!

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