Most Liquid Options on NSE

List of stocks in Bank Nifty index with weightage My last article was about the weight of stocks in NSE Nifty index, in this article, I will tell the weight of stocks in the Bank Nifty index. Option Chain for AME. Covered Calls for ACC. Stock Research for AA. How reliable is Fyers One for intraday trading? Sorry my reply is not about the discussion Stock Research for AU.

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Option Chain (Currency Derivatives)

Stock Research for AGQ. Covered Calls for AGQ. Option Chain for AGQ. Stock Research for AGR. Covered Calls for AGR. Option Chain for AGR. Stock Research for AGX.

Covered Calls for AGX. Option Chain for AGX. Stock Research for AHC. Covered Calls for AHC. Option Chain for AHC. Stock Research for AHH. Covered Calls for AHH. Option Chain for AHH.

Stock Research for AHL. Covered Calls for AHL. Option Chain for AHL. Stock Research for AHT. Covered Calls for AHT. Option Chain for AHT. Stock Research for AI. Covered Calls for AI. Option Chain for AI. Stock Research for AIG. Covered Calls for AIG. Option Chain for AIG. Stock Research for AIN.

Covered Calls for AIN. Option Chain for AIN. Stock Research for AIR. Covered Calls for AIR. Option Chain for AIR. Stock Research for AIT. Covered Calls for AIT. Option Chain for AIT. Stock Research for AIV. Covered Calls for AIV. Option Chain for AIV. Stock Research for AIZ.

Covered Calls for AIZ. Option Chain for AIZ. Stock Research for AJG. Covered Calls for AJG. Option Chain for AJG. Stock Research for AKG. Covered Calls for AKG. Option Chain for AKG. Stock Research for AKR. Covered Calls for AKR. Option Chain for AKR. Stock Research for AKS.

Covered Calls for AKS. Option Chain for AKS. AL Air Lease Corp. Stock Research for AL. Covered Calls for AL. Option Chain for AL. Stock Research for ALB. Covered Calls for ALB. Option Chain for ALB. Stock Research for ALE. Covered Calls for ALE. Option Chain for ALE. Stock Research for ALG. Covered Calls for ALG. Option Chain for ALG. Stock Research for ALK. Covered Calls for ALK. Option Chain for ALK.

Stock Research for ALL. Covered Calls for ALL. Option Chain for ALL. Stock Research for ALT. Covered Calls for ALT. Option Chain for ALT. Stock Research for ALV. Covered Calls for ALV. Option Chain for ALV. Stock Research for AM. Covered Calls for AM. Option Chain for AM. Stock Research for AMC. Covered Calls for AMC. Option Chain for AMC. Stock Research for AMD. Covered Calls for AMD. Option Chain for AMD.

Stock Research for AME. Covered Calls for AME. Option Chain for AME. Stock Research for AMG. Covered Calls for AMG. Option Chain for AMG. Stock Research for AMH.

Covered Calls for AMH. Option Chain for AMH. Stock Research for AMJ. Covered Calls for AMJ. Option Chain for AMJ. Stock Research for AMN. Covered Calls for AMN. Option Chain for AMN. Stock Research for AMP. Covered Calls for AMP. Option Chain for AMP. Stock Research for AMR. Covered Calls for AMR. Option Chain for AMR. Stock Research for AMT. Covered Calls for AMT. Option Chain for AMT. Stock Research for AMX. Covered Calls for AMX. Option Chain for AMX.

Stock Research for AN. Covered Calls for AN. Option Chain for AN. Stock Research for ANF. Covered Calls for ANF. Option Chain for ANF. Stock Research for ANH.

Covered Calls for ANH. Option Chain for ANH. Stock Research for ANW. Covered Calls for ANW. Option Chain for ANW. Stock Research for AOI. Covered Calls for AOI. Option Chain for AOI. Stock Research for AON. Covered Calls for AON. Option Chain for AON. Stock Research for AOS. Covered Calls for AOS. Option Chain for AOS. Stock Research for AP. Covered Calls for AP. Option Chain for AP. Stock Research for APA.

Covered Calls for APA. Option Chain for APA. Stock Research for APC. Covered Calls for APC. Option Chain for APC. Stock Research for APD. Covered Calls for APD. Option Chain for APD. Stock Research for APH. This strategy is as simple as it sounds. With some practice you can do this. I regularly like to discuss my views on markets and my trades on my blog. Confessions of a Trader. Following restrictions are to be acknowledged and dealt with before talking of a strategy. NIFTY long term options even though available are not very liquid and pricing is not real.

Halfway through the current month, next month Options may become available. But those are very thinly traded and pricing is just random. All Options are cash settled, there is no exercising of Options in the real sense.

Hence all the American Markets Options strategies need to be tinkered accordingly. In US Markets, you may have to buy shares at Rs. You will get the difference in Cash, can not exercise the right to sell your shares. Low volumes in many stock options make trading in them very difficult and such stocks must be avoided. On November 23 and 24 not a single contract was traded.

On other days only 1, 2 and 5 contracts changed hands. Even when you are in a profitable trade , it is not possible to exit with the right profit. Having further strategies is like betting against yourself for protecting your likely loss while restricting the profits very drastically. People dealing with hundreds of contracts may need strategies, those trading with 1 or 2 Lots can very well manage with a simple stop loss if things go wrong.

Pramod Kumar's answer to What is your most successful option-trading strategy? Pramod Kumar's answer to How do I choose stocks for options trading? I'm a student and an avid day trader. Pramod Kumar's answer to What are some options strategies with small investments and high profits? What is the risk reward ratio in this case?

I trade based on price action. Charts and graphs are derived from price action and not vice versa. One of the best strategies and the easiest of all is EMA [1] crossover combined with Fibonacci Retracement. If you are wondering what a Fibonacci Retracement is, please follow this video. Here is the strategy which can make easy money regularly with technical analysis. The markets are dynamic and change often so what is the best strategy for one may not be for another.

Hence, it is important to understand that it depends on. The success in trading options strategies depend on:. For retail traders, it was very difficult to get ready-made calculators until we developed Options Strategies Calculator. This tool actually helps you choose strategies based on your market outlook.

Something which used to take a long time can now be done in less than 2 minutes. You can choose between Bearish, Bearish Neutral with high volatility, Bullish, Bullish Neutral with high volatility, Neutral with high volatility and Neutral with no volatility.

It basically covers all possible market outlooks so you can get the right kind of tailor made strategies. They are more for neutral strategies. List of Stocks trading below Rs. Also Nifty future is continuously People often fall for these stocks and then finally realize that these stocks are worthless.

These stocks are gaining good ground in the Indian stock market, as This addition will be done on 5 August , We expect stocks to trade higher Now in this case short term trend is on weekly chart: ACC — This cement stock

Option Chain (Equity Derivatives)

81 rows · Note: 10% interest rate is applied while computing implied volatility. . lot of changes in NSE's Futures and options segment as lots of stocks were excluded. So I think it is necessary to update traders with the list of . Note: * In case of Option Contracts "Turnover" represents "Notional Turnover" Top.