Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India (FEDAI)

If a trader can guarantee large numbers of transactions for large amounts, they can demand a smaller difference between the bid and ask price, which is referred to as a better spread. For other uses, see Forex disambiguation. Is it safe to trade in forex market without any forex tips? In other words, the government is the greatest determiner of value in the universe and anyone who disagrees with that premise should be imprisoned, shamed and humiliated for having the gall to think for themselves. Forwards Options Spot market Swaps.

The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized or over-the-counter (OTC) market for the trading of currencies. Countries such as South Korea, South Africa, and India have established currency futures exchanges, despite having some capital controls.

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The treasury bills sold to the public and banks are called regular treasury bills. They are freely marketable and commercial banks buy entire quantities of such bills, issued on tender. They are bought and sold on discount basis.

Ad-hoc bills were abolished in April Repo is an abbreviation for Repurchase agreement , which involves a simultaneous "sale and purchase" agreement. The rate at which the RBI lends money to commercial banks is called repo rate , a short term for repurchase agreement. A reduction in the repo rate will help banks to get money at a cheaper rate. When the repo rate increases borrowing from RBI becomes more expensive. Money market mutual funds invest money in specifically, high-quality and very short maturity-based money market instruments.

The RBI has approved the establishment of very few such funds in India. In , only one MMMF was in operation, and that too with very small amount of capital. The influence of the Reserve Bank of India 's power over the Indian money market is confined almost exclusively to the organised banking structure. It is also considered to be the biggest regulator in the markets.

There are certain rates and data which are released at regular intervals which have a huge impact on all the financial markets in INDIA. The unorganised sector, which consists mostly of indigenous bankers and non-banking financial companies, although occupying an important position in the money market have not been properly integrated with the rest of the money market.

The recommendations of the Sukhmoy Chakravarty Committee on the Review of the Working of the Monetary system, and the Narasimham Committee Report on the Working of the Financial System in India, , The Reserve Bank of India has initiated a series of money market reforms basically directed towards the efficient discharge of its objectives. The bank reduced the ceiling rate on bank advances and on inter-bank call and short-notice money. Reforms made in the Indian Money Market are: In recent period the government has adopted an interest rate policy of liberal nature.

It lifted the ceiling rates of the call money market, short-term deposits, bills rediscounting, etc. Commercial banks are advised to see the interest rate change that takes place within the limit. There was a further deregulation of interest rates during the economic reforms.

Currently interest rates are determined by the working of market forces except for a few regulations. MMMFs are allowed to sell units to corporate and individuals. The upper limit of 50 crore investments has also been lifted.

Establishment of the DFI: All these transactions are declared to be non permissible under FEMA including foreign currency, remittances marginal trading or exchanges are also punishable.

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Now as with every other law this is bendable too. Transfer your money through paypal, moneybooker or netteller. I believe you will be fine. Well Fx trading is not a criminal offense and nobody is bothered if you are not trading in millions. And if you are get yourself a license by forming a Pvt. Disclaimer- Fx trading is erratic and takes years to perfect. Things which could go up can go down too in case market go against you.

There are 4 such pairs available to trade. Trading in forex market through online broker is a Non-Bailable Offence in India. There is no restriction on the frequency of exchange in a financial year. As you all know FX trading is grey field area for trading from India. Thousands if not Lacs of traders however trade in Forex from India.

This is because sending money outside India for FX trading is not allowed but no one can stop you if you are not sending money outside India from your Bank account. One can successfully trade Forex from India without any issues. Benefits of this method: Out of the above brokers I would personally trade with TradersWay because they have the lowest spreads and commissions and provide ECN platform.

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The history of currency trading in India also clearly shows that during the initial period when these economic reforms started, the exchange rate of national currency i. Moreover, there were some fairly significant restrictions on the current account transactions. Then again during early nineties, more economic reforms were introduced which witnessed the important two-step downward adjustment in the exchange rate of the Indian rupee in order to place it at a suitable level in line with the inflation differential so that the competitiveness in exports could be maintained.

With these economic reforms which resulted in the unification exchange rate of the rupee heralded the commencement of the new era of market determined forex currency rate regime of rupee in the Indian forex history which was based on the demand and supply principle in the forex market. Another landmark in Forex history of India came with the appointment of an Expert Group committee on Forex currency in This committee was made to study the forex market in detail so that step can be taken out to develop, deepen and widen the forex market in India.

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The Foreign exchange reserves of India are India's holdings of cash, bank deposits, bonds, and other financial assets denominated in currencies other than India's national currency, the Indian rupee. The reserves are managed by the Reserve Bank of India for the Indian government and the main component is foreign currency assets. The Money market in India correlation for short-term funds with maturity ranging from overnight to one year in India including financial instruments that are deemed to be close substitutes of money. Similar to developed economies the Indian money market is diversified and has evolved through many stages. Trading in forex market through online broker is a Non-Bailable Offence in India. For trading in Forex you have to convert the INR (Indian Rupees) to the desired currency you want to trade i.e. the currency which you choose to be the base currency in your trading.