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This is to ensure that the European economy is not impacted in any way by the financial crimes or investor abuse that happen in the country. OMC Markets review - Is omcmarkets. See how it works. This is to say that the forex brokers should always make sure that the traders receive accurate pricing feeds from the Interbank markets and platforms. Live economic indicator results from Dow Jones free for funded accounts.

11 rows · Forex brokers in Ireland Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) is the primary regulator overseeing the Irish financial sector. It has set a number of requirements to forex brokers authorized to operating in the country.

General Regulation & Irish Regulation

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Aug 13,  · All the Ireland forex brokers are also required to conform to the regulatory guidelines set by the EU and the CBI. The online forex company boasts of 2,, traders (clients) and , 5/5(1). We are diligent in our tests of Ireland Forex trading company offerings. Note: If you are not in Ireland change to the right version of our site. List of all Ireland Forex . Best Forex Brokers in Ireland Advertising Disclosure Ireland is a financially prosperous country and you will definitely find a lot of Forex brokers there. FX Empire - the company.