Astrofx Review: Scam or Good FX Consultants?

Don't make the same mistake I did. The epitony of scammers. There not even FCA regulated so they shouldnt be teaching you this in the first place. The cars are rental. Manufacturing data— This is a strong indicator for industrialised countries. Now this is a scam company well what else would it be.

Forex Trading. Trade alongside our professional team, using the same platforms, strategies and trading plan. We breakdown the art and science of Technical Analysis step by step to ensure you are completely proficient with trading the forex market.

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Both websites are very popular especially in the United States where most of their visitors come from. What I am concerned with is the unconfirmed trading performance that the duo claim to have built for themselves over the years.

The other negative would also include a completely ridiculous marketing strategy which involves the duo flaunt their trip to Hollywood and also showing their YouTube viewers the cars they drive and the lifestyle they live. Shaun Lee seems to have mastered this art quite well. This is pure BS marketing.

I have seen this tactic working very well for shady Forex mentoring programs like Mentor Tips. Others have simply become good at convincing and selling.

Check out this review. On the homepage, you will see various tabs that are corresponding to students who come from the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa respectively.

This suggests that the school has been structured in such a way that each location is served by a dedicated customer support in those areas. In addition to this, the site has free training videos which in the real sense are nothing more than market commentary.

The website has an active Youtube channel which can be found here. A little time spent on this page will reveal that these videos are basic market commentary using technical analysis. One particular video caught my attention. It would be interesting to note that Shaun does not have a background of trading at all as his academic and professional profile allege that he is an electrical engineer. I do not see how someone with a background in Electronic Engineering can trade Forex and even go to the extent of mentoring students.

He claims to have worked at a world renowned power firm, although he refuses to name the exact firm where he worked at. These claims cannot be authenticated at all. His alleged 7-years of experience cannot be proved. I could at least relate this to Forex or stock trading because trading is a business. But again, business is so wide. This statement fails to clarify what area of business Aman specialized in. He gives us the usual vibe of how his trading guru instincts caused him to quit studying in the unknown University to pursue trading as a livelihood.

There business model is working so fair play to them i just feel sorry for all the mugs out there lol. They had a myfxbook account which they used to show their trades, guess what happened? This is basically the main reason to just know they are scammers earning a living by giving BS lessons. Enough proof online on forums and chats. Please contact anti-fraud police if you have proof of being scammed by them: Can you imagine paying money to learn to trade from fools like these pair of druggies from Birmingham?

Now this is a scam company well what else would it be. Keith Milhench also know as Kieth Millhouse left investors in London and overseas shocked when he did a runner with just over 2 million pound stopped paying there returns and was never heard again.

He is currently working with a company called www. We phoned topfx and a lovely lady told us that Keith Millhouse as he is known to them is living in limassol Cyprus.

And we should contact his website should we need to get hold of him. We are investigating further to catch Milhench. Amnat had the audacity to shout at my Mum over when she was politely explaining to them why she never got a call back after 3 weeks.

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I agree to TOS Cancel. Anonymous mohd tariq May 17 Yes 0 No 0. Anonymous andreet May 09 Anonymous Anonymous Oct 22, The BBC one show coverage was a joke. Saying Aman makes 6 figs trading. He makes 6 figs selling courses not trading! Then they go to say he sells courses and the office is full of just his close mates.

How dumb is that!! Anonymous Anonymous Oct 21, Why sell courses if your a ton trader making money. Then they go to say he sells courses and the office is full of just his close mates. How dumb is that!! And those in the know, know that ain't even his Yes 4 No 1. AstroFX - Not legitimate Oct 20, Boosting capital pool selling tuition packets because English accents sound more credible in the states.

Same as that JA Wealth scandal a few years back. Avoid like the plague. Hats of to these lads though their just following Darwin and fleecing simpletons. Yes 1 No 1. The epitony of scammers. All Shaun and Aman are interested in is taking your money and screwing you over as they walk away laughing. They will teach you basics which can be learnt from YouTube. All the materialistic stuff they showcase on YouTube is all for marketing Anonymous andreet May 09 hmmm, thanksi think i was scammed too by Amanusing another name in his dealings with me.

Yes 6 No 2. Hi, Firstly I would like to say I am in no way affiliated with Astrofx other than being a student. I have no biased opinion and will provide a completely honest statement of my personal experience with the company and the people involved.

I came across this post and Anonymous Furqaan Jun 21 Yes you are absolutely correct. Yes 7 No 4. Product Astrofx Forex Course.

I liked Customer service Knowledge Dedication. I didn't like Time the course started. AstroFX - Scam Jan 26, Anonymous Mike11 Jan 02 You lost 27k in your first 5 days of trading? Yes 7 No 6. These professional scammers, they scam students into paying for their course, which was apparently stolen from another trader, more info: Anonymous Masion Apr 17, Lies and more lies.

Feb 22,  · The forex course that Shaun Lee Powell and Aman Natt at Astrofx sell is material stolen from another trader: Attachment There are 10 separate scam complaints listed just at this consumer complaints website alone. k Followers, 1, Following, 1, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from AstroFx (@astroforex). Fundamental announcements are a vital part of trading Forex, stocks and pretty much all markets. They help to move the Markets along faster, creating huge liquidity in short periods of time. They help to move the Markets along faster, creating huge liquidity in short periods of time.