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Trader B on the other hand fared much better. So what are the results on each traders balance after a pip stop loss? February 6, at July 16, at 3: What is Forex Leverage and Margin?

A forex margin account is very similar to an equities margin account – the investor is taking a short-term loan from the broker. The loan is equal to the amount of leverage taken on by the investor.

What is margin?

When this occurs, the broker will usually instruct the investor to either deposit more money into the account or to close out the position to limit the risk to both parties.

How does margin trading in the forex market work? By Kesavan Balasubramaniam Updated April 6, — 5: A liquidation occurs when an account's holdings are sold off by the firm where the account was held. In this article, find out if and when it's legal for a broker to sell securities from a customer's account and portfolio Before entering the foreign exchange forex market, you should define what you need from your broker and from your strategy.

Learn how in this article. Open a "cash only" account with your broker. Though it's little inconvenient Oh! You can still trade with leverage in some cases such as doing options trading.

That way, no matter what goes wrong, your maximum loss would be under your span of control. One thing to remember, that your broker may not wait for you to deposit more money into the account and close your active trades within a few seconds of getting a margin call.

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What is Margin Call in Forex Trading? Forex Margin Call - Explanation: How Margin Calls Work? So, if you log in to your account you will see that it is showing some figures somewhat like this: Here you have to remember this formula: And your account would now look like as below: How to Avoid Margin Call?

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What is leverage?

Using margin in Forex trading is a new concept for many traders, and one that is often misunderstood. Margin is a good faith deposit that a trader puts up for collateral to hold open a position. More often than not margin gets confused as a fee to a trader. Margin and leverage are two important terms that are usually hard for the forex traders to understand. It is very important to understand the meaning and the importance of margin, the way it has to be calculated, and the role of leverage in margin. In order to understand what margin is in Forex trading, first we have to know the leverage. does not engage in margin calls; you are responsible for monitoring your account and maintaining % of required margin at all times to .