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Status Open, Closed, or Exercised. Are there any templates for employee friendly stock options agreements? Current Stock Price This field shows the current stock price of the underlying stock. Learn financial modeling and valuation in Excel the easy way , with step-by-step training. November 12, at

A stock option agreement is a formal document created between a company and selected employees of the company whereby the employees get the option of buying the company shares at a price at which the shares are trading when the option is offered.

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Stock Option Agreement

This stock option agreement is intended to be used under an equity incentive plan (or stock plan). An option agreement grants to the holder of the options a right to purchase stock at a set price sometime in the future. Stock Option Agreement [Non-Qualified Stock Option] - Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and Jules A. del Vecchio (Apr 13, ) Stock Option Agreement [Non-Qualified Stock Option] - Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and Hinda Miller (Apr 13, ). This Option is intended to be a Nonstatutory Stock Option ("NSO") or an Incentive Stock Option ("ISO"), as provided in the Notice of Stock Option Grant. Exercise of Option. (A) Vesting/Right to Exercise.